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Full Version: soosicK Map Pack
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Does anyone have my old zip or map packs from the old forums?? i Lost all my maps last year and need them back. i had over 100 maps. Post here if you find. thanks[/i]
Do you remember the names of many of them? I don't have any map-packs, but I might have some of the maps. You can download what I have here, someone should have a more complete archive somewhere.


Did some digging Tongue

The archive I linked doesn't have many of the maps listed :/

I searched my archive and cherry picked your maps, (only 17 files)
soosicK Map Pack

You're welcome. Wink
(03-08-2015, 03:37 AM)tigur Wrote: [ -> ]soosicK Map Pack

You're welcome. Wink

OMG tigur you are the man. ive been searching for these maps and i forgot i made this post until i just search soosick in the forums box. I really appreciate this tigur and otacon. you have no idea!
(03-08-2015, 03:37 AM)tigur Wrote: [ -> ]soosicK Map Pack

You're welcome. Wink
come back to the game it aint dead