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Full Version: Mages farewell post in '03!
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The best player in the game says his farewell!

Quote:Well, to start it off, this will not be brief and will have many errors and such in it. So any of you who do not wish to read it. It is best if you clicked the back button now. As for those of you who are interested, read on.

Ok, lets go waaaaaaay back to the year 1999, I think around April 27th or so. This would be my first ever ARC created name, turns out it was EGAMYLOH. One of those names that if you never paid much attention to you would think it was a cheaters name by the way it looked. Well everyone sure knew I was no cheater, because I never realized how to shoot my secondary weapons until two or three days later. Eventually I figured it out and I spent about half my time in the pen rather then almost all of it.

Within my first week of ARC though, my friend who introduced me to the game (aPc_BaWg) told me to join a clan that him and a few of my real life friends made at the time. Oh yes, good ole KGB. Now to think of a name that would only be 10 characteristics long. Damn was that hard to think off, finally agreed on Mage_KGB. The fun times we had in that clan, oh yeah. We lasted one week, but for some reason I just kept using the same name. Somehow in those two weeks I had accumulated a bit of skill. This other player whom was called Toshi_DeF kicked my ass time and time again. Then before I left, we talked for a bit, gods only knows why to this day for he must have liked getting free health. Toshi asked me to join his clan. Since there was no KGB anymore, gladly I approved figuring I could learn a lot from anyone who is better than me.

DeF at the time was awesome! It consisted of Toshi, Me! So much fun we had though, I had the classic newbie cap tag. MAGE_DEF. So when I got a kill I was sure "I" got it. While I was in DeF tosh and I really liked to 2 vs 2. We created game after game of asking people to play, once in a while remaking games because we let a cheater in accidentally, surely the best of times. After these good times though, toshi would sleep and as much as I wanted to learn how to get good, I continued to play this game day and night. I had taken a liking to dueling people. I would get my ass handed to me by almost everybody but I enjoyed trying to learn. Well as one of these nights would have it, I asked the lobby at around 5 am in the mourning if anyone wanted to duel. Some guy by the name of ZzzZZSnore agreed. Well I know it wasn't the first time I got 5-0ed in a duel. But royally beat me down again and again. I asked him how and so my first class of ARC 101 I was taught. Going through how to radar shoot, bouncie shots, and how to pop in and out of a corner quickly while taking minimal damage.

I was Snore pupil and night after countless night we played and practiced. I quickly learned how to almost mimic Snore, although nothing close. This is around summertime, right when I finished up my classes. Woohoo! Summers out and I got all the time in the world to do whatever I want.....ARC here I come! If you didn't think it was possible to play more than I already did, you were mistaken. I started to talk with people in the community and made even a few friends! As well as Toshi had introduced me to an older friend of his, RedEye. We now could 3 on 3 people rather than always 2 on 2! Wow this game just gets better and better! This was also the time when I heard the term "smurf" a number of times. One time when Toshi, Redeye, and me were talking about how to use certain key ways to point out when were flagging, leaving a smoker at base or need help a base (note: Teamchat never worked then) Toshi had mentioned something about being accused of a smurf, I just listened to what he had to say but never understand really what he was talking bout, until I finally asked him, so what is a smurf. So they got their good laugh and explained the terms to me. Damn was I feeling smart now oh yeah! Also, need to mention, there was a few more DeFs, but they were all so inactive. Zoom, Smack and others.

Now we had special plays when we would play. 999, 777, 666. Oh yeah, those aren't just random numbers we would say for the hell of it. That was our language of what we were doing. Around this time also, I had taken a liking towards the clan AT. That would be with people like AT-Die and AT-Atomik. Anyways, I really liked them a lot, and played games with them all the time. I finally thought I had enough skill to play with the clan I asked Atomik if I could join. As to my regret, I was turned down and was told that I wasn't quite good enough. Sad, but not heart-broken, I still stayed with DeF, Tosh and I all the way I thought. Then one day toshi was telling me about a league for ARC! I was like holy Sh*t. A league for this game! That’s soooo awesome! Although we couldn't be in it with a clan consisting of really only 2 players, this league was APL! Now I was pretty sad that we couldn't get in it. So disappointed that I wanted to join a clan who would be able to compete in it.

Time went on though, many cheats by ViperX, and cheifx, and Xman. Oh yes, TEN was now going down the shithole, but I continued to have fun. In the last month or so of TEN there was a new league brought forth called..I think it was AGN or something. At this time too I had been playing with FFoD members and had taken a liking to Eldazo, wizzard, and puffyfish. Well, I guess word got to their leader Blizzard, that I took quite a liking towards the clan and wished a try-out. As luck would have it, I dueled blizz and beat him in a duel, after a lil bit of talk. I was now FFoD_MaGe! I wished my best of luck with Toshi and off I went.

Go figure though, at around the same exact time this happens. Some fellow whom I have never seen before and have only heard bout asks me to join SN? The most elite clan, their leader Astrok, asking me if I would like to join. If only I never joined FFoD that week and Astrok had asked me while I was still in DeF. But noo, he planned it out to wait till I join and then asks. I refused his fine offer and felt I like I made the right moral decision, but I wanted to be SN so badly (As fate would have it, I never ended up joining SN.Ever Tongue).

But now I was in a good clan, with more than one member! Wow this was cool! We could have like Clan wars and stuff. A whole new concept for me! While we practiced and played I played a lot of games with a newbie called AV_Hawk. Yes all of you know this guy...Gamer is his new ident! Along with AV_Macros, AV_Tall and AV_Spider. Ah by this time I was actually showing these guys how to improve their game rather than the other way around! Wow the good times we had, practicing bouncies and missleing around corners.

Now, finally we also had the kick off of AGN! Those games were great! The FFoD's went on to a 5-0 record until TEN was shut down. Yep, we surprised a lot of faces. A lot of people also asked me if I was the Irito mage from before. I told them all no, and most never talked with me again, although I was getting identified and that was a start!

Well, once again ViperX got his way and TEN was no more. No more arc, but no one gave up so easily. The last day of TEN was October sometime, and by the time we got to arc again I think it was either January or Feb. Didn't really matter though over that time FFoD members disbanded. As well as I couldn't ARC with my POS computer. It wasn't the fact I got only 9 fps and my monitor was 13"...but when I joined a game to play. In a few seconds I would get a "Connection lost to server" error. Every single time! I tried to play even if I could only get a minute or a few seconds of arc in. I tried and tried for a good month. My patience wear thin finally and I gave up. For almost exactly one year I never touched ARC, never kept in touch with most of the community. That would also be my last year I had good grades for school =/

At around the same time next year, I bought myself a sweet 1.0G procs, a GeForce2 Pro 64MB video Card and a 19" monitor! Oh yeah baby, she was top of the line and damn cost me a fortune. Same time we got it, we had also got DSL. Oh yeah we went all out!

I came back within the few days of getting everything hooked up with my computer. Wow, did it look good! I started getting in contact with many of my old friends on ARC. This game seemed so much easier now without people hopping around everywhere and always having to lag shoot 1 or 2 inches. Sometimes I could shoot and hit their ship dead on and they would lose damage or even die!

This is where I really started to improve and within the first few mnths I talked with Zsnore again. We dueled again but this time I barely lost. 4 to 5 was the final score, he wasn't too happy with that, while I was just streaming with excitement! I mean to getting 5-0-ed all the time before and coming back over almost a year break and almost winning, you bet I was happy! After that duel, Zsnore asked me if I would like to join EgO, he said if I did Toshi would as well, and for a few weeks there I was, an EgO. Didn't last though, clan never really suited me. At this time I was also talking with a person Called MiniEye and his clan phear. When my time with EgO was over, I went straight to Phear, and once again met a lot of new faces and a brand new game. UNiball, which they all mostly played and still do as a matter of fact. For some reason though, I just never felt the same like I did in DeF. I never stayed in phear too long either, perhaps it was only a couple months. The reason why I left though was because Toshi decided to remake DeF. I was only waiting for something like this and said my good byes to phear, and back to a brand new DeF! Oh and off to a bang it went, Recruiting players left and right, PuPwood, Gamer, Domey, hell we even got the legend Iginest near the end of DeF. An upcoming of APL was soon, and turns out we made it in! Damn Was I stoked. So happy at having a chance at the best. We Did well, but had a few times where we had to forfeit cause not enough people turned up to game. For some reason we had the killer line-up to win it all, but fate had it saying it wasn't our turn to win it yet. WE lost to XM in semi's and SN went on to win it all.

DeF was harder to maintain then Tosh and I expected and Domey actually ran most of the show getting us to practice practice practice. This guy was like me when I first started I thought. All he wanted to do was get better and better. He did just that, although our activity of playing was dying, Toshi,, gamer, Domey continued to play. We continued to get better and better.

I also started to talk to the famous NanoSecond in the wee hours of the mourning. Well I sure learn how'd to lag shoot from then on, that guy was so hard to kill it was scary. Around the same time as well, I met a former person called Ratix, where as ironically enough how we started to talk more was because of us smurfing. Never talked all the time but enough to develope a bond between the two of us.

Although due to DeF's inactivity, with another upcoming apl. We never really had a shot at entering it with only the few members we had active. So within the last month of so before apl was going to kick off. We started to play more games with CaoT, they were basically in the same dilemma DeF was in. While one day we were CW'ing each other, we also talked bout having a merge of clans and create one big clan. This way we could compete in APL and have enough active people who would show up! We all agreed but now what the hell do we call ourselves? Domey with the imagination, blurted out. Confederate Arcing Deadeye Fighters. Well, no one could think of something that could top that and maintain a loyal saying to their old clan, we all mutually agreed and thus CaDF was born!

And off to a start we did, playing game after game together, and more and more people starting to recognize us! This was also around the same time I was introduced to a couple of newbies who seemed to have potential. These two going by the alias of Fordus and Ominous! Weird how it was, but they reminded me of how Toshi and I were on TEN. Always 2 vs 2ing people, and wanting to learn. Well we sure fed them a lot. Time and time again we killed them and killed them and killed them. Rather than get mad or disappointed though, they kept up with us and continued, every now and then winning as well. I continued to talk to Fordus more often now as well, and we talked bout him being in CaDF one day. It was then of course but one day eventually.

Although the clan fordus and Omin were in, they did quite well themselves proving themselves worthy of Recognition. The Master of Destruction. mOd....but hold on...were not here to hear bout a story bout them...back o track here.

CaDF continued to pursue its goal of winning an apl championship. Persistence does pay off, although it comes with a price, mine was my social life was hurting and my grades were so poor because of this game! Alas I continued anyways, and in the grueling playoffs, we barely but surely pulled off the victory!!!!

Damn did we need a break too, after all those hours we put in, that’s exactly what we did. Everyone did their own think that summer, arc if u felt like it, it never mattered. Although once again we all started getting back together As Cutler and Domey once again ICQ spammed everybody to get their butts back in shape so we can uphold our title.

Although we were back, many of us not as active as we needed to be, and because of that we needed to recruit. That we did, getting people like, fordus, that elite lagger mongoose, brainx, jman, lobonetwork, Chinadian, Warlock and Techman. Just the backup we needed to make sure we had it. Although, it was all heaven let me tell you. Much did we not know at the time of all the members, that many of them did not get along with each other and two ended up leaving us. Domey and Fordus, slowly the bond faded, but never went away, just faded for the time being. However, CaDF Continued and we had lived up to what people has said about us.

Although many of us were giving up a lot in life for this game, a lot which will all paid for one way or another. Once again though we upheld out title as APL champions once again! Figuring finally we can all rest from this silly game and go back to our lives. That is exactly what we all did.

I continued to talk with fordus, Ratix, and Nano though, never quite got to stay in touch with everyone else. I can understand though for we all have our own lives. As well as duel paz and constantly beat him to a pulp.

This is but a tiny portion of the experiences I have had with ARC that I wanted to share with everyone.

The reason why I posted this is because, this will be my last night here. I have been neglecting too many personal matters because of the computer in general, arc only being a fraction of it. So I Decided to give up the computer, cut off the Internet, and do the things that are important to me in life. For all the many good times I had on here, I thank each and everyone one of you for it. Despite the bad times, the good times will always outlast the bad ones. I might be back one day, not anytime soon, but one day. If not though, I hope the best of luck to all of you and never to give up at whatever it is you want to achieve whether that be in games or real life.



Great read, but he was back like 5 months later.
so basically we can expect him once a year... or during a league....
Pretty sure he was playing within the past 6 months here.
Mage who?

T boner
Its actually pretty amazing the skill level mage had during his prime. Although ARC never reached an "esports level" of competition... i'd challenge anyone to name a better pro player that brought/brings so much to the table in any game. The intimidation factor was enough to win games. i really can't think of any "eAthlete" that is MILES ahead of everyone when it comes to being skilled at their game. Though we will never know or probably come close to knowing but IMO mage could possibly be one of the best "pound for pound" players to play multiplayer games! if that makes any sense