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Full Version: Random Useful Tools
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Just figured I would start this thread in case other people have similar tools that they use or know of. Here are just a few, I'm sure I will think of some more later and post.

If you play AC and don't use this yet clearly you are a loser. Snaps any part of your screen and automatically uploads it for you. If you want to be as big of a loser as I am you buy the gyazo ninja premium account to keep your links forever.

Saves websites to view later. Great if you are on different devices (i.e. work, home, phone).

New computer? Reformat? This site is awesome, you select which programs you want and it gives you a installer for them all.
thx dog

-Finds duplicate files - To Do Lists
(04-07-2015, 12:17 PM)tengo Wrote: [ -> ]

keezmovies rofl
This thread is relevant to my interests.
I use two computers different operating systems every day and none of this shit was useful.

lol@pastebin tho.