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Full Version: Cute Faur.
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This was real memorable back in Gladiators. Wonder what I could accomplish with your teammates Faur. Lil chump ass.

Are you really that upset that i denied you to join violent? You're not good enough to be a part of violent no need to be a child about it. I can post links when i completely destroyed you and your team but i won't, I can also post links of you going 2-15 k/d in ACG games when you played with RS... I don't need to prove it everyone knows that you're not even a mediocre player.
1v1 loser quits duel
(04-29-2015, 09:28 AM)castiel Wrote: [ -> ]1v1 loser quits duel

Yeah, I'm down to do that.. although we both know ridden wouldn't quit.. but i would love to show him how bad he really is.
You came to my forums and started blabbing about denying me. Don't start crying cuz I came on here and showed how I broke you down in Gladiators. Post my stats with RS, cuz i trolled those games. Shit we still beat CaDF, idgaf what lineup they used. I build shit up in this. Make sure you can defend before wishing someone luck on taking yo flag. Get some larger sweetish meatballs before launching a pussy attack. And of course I wouldn't quit. CFF'd!
Yo, Finish this bitch up for me drama
1 vs 1 loser quit? Show me how good you are lmao.