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Full Version: Patch resources
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There are 39 different tunas located here:

There are also complete game patches located here:

If when you enter a game your interface becomes buggy then type /toggle patchfix and it will fix itself.

Have other patches that are not in one of these two links or created a new one? Share the love and post in this forum!

This is the only one anyone should be using
(04-07-2014, 06:46 AM)Dario Wrote: [ -> ]

This is the only one anyone should be using

I agree that one is nice.
any trick to the sound patches?
(04-25-2014, 11:24 AM)Tadija Wrote: [ -> ]any trick to the sound patches?

Same concept as implementing regular patches, except it goes in the "Sound" folder.
Ahh okay, I put original arc sounds just in the main folder and only a few of them were working. Thanks mate Smile
An old video I made for converting a pre-AC patch to be compatible with AC. This makes it unnecessary to do the /toggle patchfix command. The default AC graphics are linked in the info of the video.

Edit: click the YouTube button on the video to get the full-screen option.