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Full Version: CriticalMass Ref Applications
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Please PM this application filled out to Otacon or myself.

AC Name:
Time Played:
Previous Leagues Reffed (not required):
Additional Comments:
How late are signups available? I won't find out if I can participate until the first week of June, and if I can I'd like to play and ref.
I'll accept anyone up until the day before (unless they have zero experience w/ commands and such).
I've had very few people ask me about reffing besides current CTA refs. It would be great if a few others could help out.... There may be a few 4-5 hour gaps if we do not get some others to contribute.
Age: 30
Time Played: 15.5 years
Previous Leagues Reffed (not required): i was a cta ref in the beginning
Additional Comments: i have actually reffed a CTA match recently ( 6 mo's ) and was successful. I sent the match to a referee via email to get reported.