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Full Version: Preliminary CriticalMass Rules
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Posting them here now to get any feedback from the community, subject to change if the staff agrees.

CriticalMass Rules:
- Top 8 in total wins over the 48 hours will receive cash prizes.
- Wins will be on a per alias basis so players should use one name if they want their total win count to reflect all of their victories.
- 2 team maps only
- 20 minute games (10 min halves)
- Minimum players: 6
- 8 minute overtime (sudden death, LMS after 8 minutes)
- If a player leaves a game early once they will receive a warning and if it occurs again they will be disqualified from the tournament.
- If a player shows any pattern of not spawning on time they will get a warning which will be followed by disqualification if the problem persists.
- If a player’s connection does not seem stable they may be asked to sit and a player with a close rating will also have to sit out (up to Ref). The player subbed out will still get a victory if their team wins. Any further connection issues will result in disqualification from the tournament.
- If a free-for-all map is hosted, the top half in kills will receive the victory (rounded up if odd number of players)