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Full Version: ARC: Attack, Retreat, Capture Now Live on (February 28, 2000)
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Highly popular with infectious gameplay, ARC offers players great diversion to blow off a little steam

Bellevue, WA (February 28, 2000) - Attack, Retrieve, Capture - otherwise known as ARC™ - is now live at The second most popular game on the TEN gaming site, this top-down arcade-style game offers players a simple game with infectious playability and fierce competition, in a no-nonsense style. Armed with only four weapons, ARC is the game for players with an arsenal of wits looking to blow off a little steam. Accommodating up to an awesome 64-players per server, players can access the game by tapping the "ARC" link at

"ARC is the perfect outlet for meeting your buddies on-line at 4pm for a 20-minute free-for-all," said Scott Fasser, product manager for "The pure and simple, infectious gameplay will undoubtedly keep people coming back for more - particularly, during quarter-earnings week."

ARC is no newcomer to Internet gamers. The game was originally available on the TEN gaming site where it was the number two game in minutes played for more than four months. When the games’ creator, John Vechey, went to work for, the company purchased the game from TEN, and enhanced it with new, never-before-played maps.

"ARC was one of the most wildly popular downloads when it was with TEN," said Vechey. "Now the game will gain a much broader audience because has been so successful in penetrating both the hard-core and the general-consumer gaming audience."

ARC’s three games include Capture the Flag, Bait-and-Switch, and Death Match where the gameplay is simple and the competition fierce. Navigating their way through various scrolling environments, players can use their radar to pilot a hovercraft-style saucer to fight off the enemy and achieve the ultimate objective: victory, at any cost. At hand, players have up to four weapons, each inflicting a graduated level of damage: two types of lasers, rockets, or grenades. Players can also use the ICQ communication protocol for strategizing with their teammates, or for the simple pleasure of taunting their opponents. On-line and available now, players can access ARC: Attack, Retrieve, Capture™ by tapping the ARC link at™, dedicated to integrating the Internet into gaming, is one of the largest aggregators of Internet enabled games, with over 40 live and playable choices, including 22 free online-only games from seven major developers. Some of the site's highlights include YOU DON'T KNOW JACK® the netshow, HOYLE® card and board games, Homeworld, Half-Life™, TRIBES™, Wordox, Soldier of Fortune and Vampire: The Masquerade--Redemption, Acrophobia, Silencer and ARC. also develops proprietary technology tools for games including WONswap™, the easiest way to download and install user-created content; Game Detector™, offering players the easiest way to find and join a server-based game on the web; and, the best, most complete Internet search engine focused solely on games. is an autonomous business unit incorporated within Havas Interactive, the largest publisher of consumer PC software in the world.