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Full Version: Is AC down or is it me?
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I cannot get in either.
so cyro just got everyone hyped up for a big marathon then went rouge and shut this shit down. classy move fiya

%*****anyone able to update us on the situation???????????
I think I officially give up on this game, can't even run an tournament without the servers being attacked.
shouldn't of sent a letter to glazor
I'm sure it isn't a coincidence it's down at this time lol. Either someone on arc did this, or someone outside of arc when this was advertised to potentially bring in newcomers. How many people that actually made it to, I have no idea, but there is the possibility one person thought "oh I'm going to shit on those guys parade". Whoever it is, undoubtedly, is the coolest human being alive (sarcasm).

Was going to play some tonight, even though I'll be mostly inactive the majority of the 48 hours this is running, but oh well. PCE OUT.
can we get some added hours to the 48hrs?
Damn e-thugs. Seriously lame.
[Image: image.php?di=PKY2]
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