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Full Version: Uniball on Steam Greenlight!
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Hey guys,

If you haven't heard already, UB has its own Steam Greenlight campaign!

For any of you avid PC gamers, here's the link:

We'd really appreciate your support by giving us a solid yes vote. Even though ARC is a little older than UB, I still consider us both games from the dawn of online internet gaming and it's a testament to both that they still have active player bases when so many other games have come and gone. If and when ARC decides to take the plunge and go through Greenlight, you can count on the UB community's support.

Voted. Good luck w/ your campaign Nick.
Voted. Simply awesome. Glad to see one of the two group actually give a few fucks and try to improve the game. Good work Nick.
Just wanted to let you all know, we made it through greenlight already! Thanks for everyone who helped us out Big Grin