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Full Version: Weekly Icon Matches!!!
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[Image: ms1ipg.jpg]

Yessir, icon matches just went weekly!  I'm not going to set a day in stone right now, but just know that its going down each week.  We will make sure you get enough notice don't worry.  This week we will be looking towards Sunday night.. Prizes will vary, and icons will expire each week., and sometimes they may not.  Sometimes you may get to choose, and sometimes we may just give you some awesome trophy of our choice.

Match One) A super intense race match! PUT ON YOUR MARIO KART PATCH!!! The first two players that grab a flag win an icon of their choice.  The 3rd and 4th placed flaggers receive a win but no icon.  
Results: - A nice re-introduction of race maps on ARC.  A couple surprise passes, and heart breaking dead ends! The map needs some updating, but it was a nice run.  We had Gold with us as our Special Guest Referee.  Gold is a race legend known for leading the Spark Racing League, SRL.  He's apart of CG, and its a pleasure to have him come out of hiding to do these tributes to the ghosted racing legends of ARC.

Match Two) A brawl to the death of tonights killers! Deathomatic FFA, a classic beyond classics.  Bring your a-game and plug in your vulching mouses(mice?)  The top 3 fraggers will receive an icon of their choice, and top 5 receive a win.

ScreenShot attached of Damage for Tie-Breakers. SS was taken from replay.

This match was electric!!! I don't know if it was the adrenaline from the race map before, or just the wild west style of anything goes that FFA Deathomatic invites, but this match was the game of the week on AC.  It was CG's largest filled game yet, and we're proud as hell of that!  Some really exciting battles, and heart breaking spawns made this match what it was.  Loki and dharma battling it out most of the game for 1st place, usually keeping a 5 point lead on the rest.  Dharma took the win though, pushing the other goliath down to second place.  We had two ties.  Astrok and Fudorm tied for 3rd in frags, but Fudorm took the icon having 3rd highest damage over Astrok, pushing the CaDFer to 4th place!  RiddeN and BMoC tied for the last spot, but RiddeN took the winning spot ranking number #1 in damage by fractions!. Yeah Boi!
RiddeN, BMoC, and Fudorm tied damage(36), but replay was tested if order was from "as entered", and it is not.  Therefore, must be ordered by most damage(by fractions). Confirmed with Sebek, and asked for any revelations on this subject if they occur.

Thanks for participating and keep up with us for next weeks icon matches!!
/join CGaming
[Image: icondeatho.bmp]
Match One) We've got a nice fun map we've been wanting to launch.  CG_BombSlide, a nice updated version of your favorite t33t map.  The team that gets the highest wins gets the prize of an icon of their choice.  The teams will be auto-selected and we will cap the teams no higher than 8v8.
Not too bad of a first run for this map.  A little bit of strategy and teamwork needed, but I think both teams did well, and the victors really pulled through and earned it.  If we had MVP's it would definitely be Nuts.  Strong holding of switches and belt play.  I think we had some fun in this one. 

Match Two) I'd like to do a solute to real competition and run an SGLGO2011.  We're capping it at 4v4 and doing captains on this one.  I'd like the two highest skilled players in the server to be captains, but we will settle for something even, if no vets show.  For this match your trophy icon will be chosen for you, and will not expire until one month.
An unexpected win on this match.  This game was a bit of a mess.  With some sneaky flagging by dharma, they were able to score a nice tie or lead.  The losing team's players simply did not play their parts.  Lack of support, communication, trust, and a little bit of uncertain circumstances made this somewhat of a shit show.  The winners did do well though, their win wasn't purely on the faults of the fallen.  I wouldn't expect that match to have that same outcome twice though.  GG. mvp dharma.  The icon prize for one month were the dueling light-sabers, [Image: sicon356.png], for their hardwork and jedi-like flagging.
These games started around 10:30pmEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/2 CG_Icon Match Details: ICON WILL LAST ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes you read correctly. The winner of this match will receive and keep an icon of their choice for an entire year. Why? Well, its a little like Highlander. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! That's right folks we're doing an icon Meatballz map!!!!!!!!!!!! However, it wont be the team that gets the win, so your strategic blocking wont be helpful here. The individual who is elite enough to get the center switch will be the victor. We will allow up to 3 rounds, with 3 victors, but this match will not last past one hour, plus OT if no victor is yet declared. If a single victor wins 3 entire rounds then he shall receive icon for life.
This match will not occur if there is less than 10 players, alternatives will be played.

Sorry for the late post on our icon match this week. I went out of town this past weekend, and had a big wedding last night. We'd like to give more of a heads up on these matches, and appreciate everyone's participation. Thank You. /join cgaming
10/2 Icon Match Results
We all had a good time playing this Meatballz. Prophetic by loki, The Legend Nuts took the first cap within 2 minutes! Winning the year long icon, as called. After that it took everyone some time to get the other two. It was a fun game with a fast start, but lasted almost 45 minutes. Once the icons were won, a lot of people stuck around to enjoy the dodging filled energetic map. I had a good time. Congrats to Jubilee and t3knik for winning the other 2 icons for the week. Thanks for participating!
/join CGaming
10/9 Competitive Gaming Presents: A night of GO
Match One) We're going to kick off with SGLGO2011 4v4. No limit to who joins the server. If more than 8 enter then Captains will be chosen, and whoever isn't picked won't play. As we like to call it, The Fat Kid Rules. We hope all you go fans show up and make this a nice old-school match. The winning team receives an icon of their choice for one week.
The SGLGO match had some waves. The winning team had a fairly sound-minded roster. The sleeper, arc02, as we all have come to know recently, played his part well. Astrok, The Great, gave us more reasons why we still have his APL posters on our wall, not to mention he's just so damn cool. Omit, a young "douche-bag type" that seems to be on the rise and might be actually be pretty cool. I use to get him confused with decoy/PicturePerfect/Jubilee, because they were becoming active at same time, but now dharma has made his name and is standing out in the crowd a bit more, lately, from his playing and great reffing to CTA. Jubilee has been doing well though, but strikes me with a bit much cocky than I like to see. Quoting stats in times of loss, and being a little more mouthy than fun, I'm struck with this guy being a Fudorm Jr. Although, now I feel I may be insulting Fudorm more than Jub. The losing team, full of individuals that were exactly that. It's hard to play with people that dislike each other. No communication is really formed, and no trust within the communication truly exists. The last cap was an interesting one, because Genocide was attempting to flag. Tengo and I both spawning with the knowledge that there is an enemy about to take ours. Seeing Fudorm's death we go to help Genocide. With enough time to see Fud spawn on our radar, and notice he's not playing base either, we still decide to leave base anyways. Only to sequence perfectly lame rape in red base, and just all around good stalling most likely, lost us our second cap. With about 4 minutes left we can all agree there was no saving it, but being completely tengo's and my own fault, I find it very asinine for him to leave early then. Now for a second time, and still being the only person to leave a CG game early. Knowing the outcome isn't the complete existence of CG's games. We aren't here to knock out wins and get that score real high! We would like to create a world where people finish games, and say gg again. A world where comradery exists, variety is played, and we all come out as big boys. Even when you lose. There was no inferior team. There was a team that played their part, and a team that did anything but. GG to the victors.

Match Two) CG_GoFFA! Our classic Free For All map. We've hosted it a few times and has been popular each match. With very slow regen areas gives this map a nice twist. No limit to who joins, and players are always welcome to the game late. The top 3-6 players in Frags will receive an icon of our choice for one week, pending on how many participate. All ties will be settled by Damage.
I love this map. The extremely slow recharge rate in certain areas makes it a lot of fun, because you can always count on someone trying to take it over. Sometimes a trap, sometimes a funnel of glory. This was a good match with a lot of uprising and downfalls. Major shit talk between Xet and RiddeN, both backstabbing vulches from each other in critical moments, made it very exciting for us! If you could only see the clan chat!!!! Tengo held his lead well most of the match, and I was a bit surprised to see loki down so low in the winning bracket finishing 5th. You can usually count on him to sweep first or second. Nonetheless, this match had everything it needed to be another great free for all map! Thank you everyone for your participation. Winners received the Death Skull icon, [Image: sicon622.png], for a little Halloween flavor but most importantly to represent the fatalities created and cries from all the losers' families that will last years to come.

The matches start around 10:30pmEST!!!
Good to see GO making a comeback. Hopefully it will be a much better match than the last one, where half of the other team had a broken radar.
10/16 Icon Match Details: ICONS WILL EXPIRE IN ONE WEEK
Public Vote! Vote for which map you'd like to see this week. Icons will be players choice.

The match started around 10:30pmEST!!!!!
10/23 CG_Icon Match Details: Icons will expire in one week.
Match One) A blast from the past! MrJimps created a fantastic rendition of the classic map, Madwarse.
Oh hell yeah! This was a really nice turn out. A lot of speculation pre-game. Challenging the map itself, why add switches, etc. Overall a success! The map wasnt a standstill or a complete blowout. It had just enough new tweaks to still be madwarse, and also give it a new edge and fit todays community. I loved it, and I believe everyone who played had a really good time. This was a great game and very close.
The winners received the Halloween Jack icon, [Image: sicon598.png].

Match Two) CG_Spoon, our new addition to our race map collection.
A nice little 3-4 minute race, with challenging obstacles containing vast respawns made this a nice map, but not too difficult for any novice. First 4 that reached the flags at the end won. Gj to all. I can see us building on top of this to make it a little longer and some tile changes to add a lot more variety. It was fun tho. Always love a good race. The winners receives the Turtle Shell Icon, [Image: sicon126.png], for their racing skills which I'm sure was learned from Mario Kart 64!

The Matches Started at 10:30pmEST
Thank you for your participation!
10/30 CG Icon Match Details: Icons Will Expire In One Week
Match One) Alamo! I can't remember the last time a successful Alamo match has been done. Gotta love the good old fashion rules maps! For any newbs, Alamo is a hold/conquer style map. One team keeping the Alamo base for as long as they can while the other tries to invade the fastest! The fastest team of 3-5 rounds wins the icon!
A really good Alamo game. Lots of fun and competition. It looked like an easy win for the losing team at the start. The victors got their shit together and made it happen. 3 rounds of intense alamo fun. GG all

Match Two) Small - The map of one thousand wonders. I love this map, always have. It's great diversity always made it fun. Im scared we will lack the player base to really get a great game going, but we're going to try!

The map of one thousand wonders was not played. Everyone was in fear there would never be a flag, so it didnt begin. You'd think we'd all be rich af or have 1million players with all the fortune tellers on this game, i tell you. Seriously though, the map prolly could use some edits, but its an old favorite. Instead we played a basewarz edit suggested by Cartman in which the belts did not work. This was a real fuck shit second game and I apologize, but everyone was a good sport and we made it happen.

The Matches Start Around 10:30pmEST
A classic night of ARC competition

Match One) A version of Go. Whether it be Golden Oldie, SGLGO, or whatever your favorite is, we will take a vote before the match. We will run 2 games at once if enough players show up. Otherwise we will do captains and whichever players are not chosen, do not participate unfortunately. 5v5 if majority agrees.

Match Two Deathomatic. Honestly I'd like to get the original 4 teams going, but if people would rather the free-for-all version, we can. We will take a vote on this as well.

We wont be handing out any Turkey icons, so this week icons will be of players choice.
The Matches Will Begin Around 10:30pmEST
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