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Full Version: CG_Clans: A Clans Ladder
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Hello! Welcome to our next great experiment! We want to try to bring some clan competition into the game. Click the link, there's an explanation of everything in there. In short, this is a never-ending ladder for clans on AC.
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[Image: cgsplash2.png]
Clan Name: Reign Supreme
Clan Tag, Alternate Tag: {RS}, REIGN
Clan Captains(2): RiddeN, RedBaron
Clan Roster: HunTer xZiLe RiddeN skriLLa b0dybAg Oroshi CloudS Xet zizeL mica Desty Radaryu MrJimps agent Benevolence Lugz
Name: The Night Shift
Abbr: tNs
Captains: Omit, Lordz
Roster: Lordz, Omit, Bagheera, Masta