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Full Version: {ReignSupreme} - RIP
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It's been a long journey for this clan. Met some of the best people on this game during this clans existence. We battled the best, and raised some extremely good players to compete on this game. RedBaron and I feel that its time to lay this clan to rest. Our core crew has just given up on this game, and we can no longer pretend that were building something for them to return to help carry. {RS} is now an honorary clan and only the OG's will hold tags.

#RIP REIGN and the members who spent years making us great.
{RS} Prometheus
{RS} HunTer
{RS} xZiLe
{RS} Coldfire
{RS} skriLLa
{RS} Vali
{RS} RedBaron
{RS} Oroshi
{RS} CloudS
{RS} Xet
{RS} WingFury
{RS} Dtk
{RS} Corsair
{RS} Chocopie

{RS} - A merger of two unnamed lower level clans. Leading with Prometheus, Blader, and Dumak(xZiLe). Equipped with other players such as Vali and some forgottens. They were the clan that always had privates going, and entertained good upsets at times with their controversial smurf players, corsair and possibly chocopie. This wreaked perfection in the eyes of Coldfire, as he had just left BMB, on a passion for trying to build up lower clans. Scandalous and active with tons of potential where was this clan headed anywhere but up! He joined immediately..From nightly inner games and local pubs, the rape of {RS} was building within. A new young hero was emerging, tired of corsair and Coldfire kicking his ass in all the privates, the young Blader turned into a fine young HunTer.

Over the next two years they tuned their teamwork. Corsair and Coldfire became a deadly mix, but more importantly a great training ground for HunTer to start coming into his own. They began to pick up better recruits to build a new brothership from old friendships. skriLLa and redbaron, a firepower of its own in its time. {ReignSupreme} soon no longer relied on their smurfs. Corsair and chocopie began to fade in activity and the clan started its trail towards legitimacy. Always humbled, finding new recruits showing passion and promise. {RS} became a powerhouse for breeding their next great players such as Oroshi, Dtk, CloudS, giving them all their first starts from new. Perfectly equipped with their girl recruit WingFury this clan spent the next few years having lots of fun and training hard. Recruiting and Decruiting, this clans structure truly formed.

This clan had many great successes and showcased them on their fantastic forums much of the community learned to love. Tons of media and jokes, good times and competition, the clan of RS held many of their own inner competitions such as their famous Inner 2v2 Tournaments. The crippling of this forum, dying from inactivity, surely broke much of the heart in this clan years later.

They competed in many leagues and held players of the highest tiers such as ElAsesino, and beating all the greats such as CaDF and many scrimmages vs the tops, this clan just couldn't hold it together at the right times. Their hearts were in the right places and it is said that if any of the core returned they could easily beat anyone on the game.

This history cannot begin to due justice to how this clan has grown. Over years and years of hard work and love, it was truly one of the best ARC clans. Its taken years to build the leadership council one at a time. We trained our members hard and held applicants for years pushing them too. We were always the most active clan on the game for over a decade. We hope this brief history inspires the moments you may have shared with us too.


RIP Reign Supreme.
i vote to veto this
some great guys on that list, dont remember much of this clan but played a little bit with them. RiP