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Full Version: March Update Graphics Resolution Change
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Tuesday 4/25 Trial Period info:

This update is a scale of game graphics (by a factor of 1.5) in order to allow better graphics in the future.

Restart AC in order to receive update. Games will not work unless you restart.

Patches automatically scale to the new resolution, but artifacts are inherent in upscaling. Either manually edit the artifacts, or remove your patch.

In the new scale, your resolution will be 1366x768 or 1024x768. The latter 4:3 ratio resolution has a noticeable viewport disadvantage, but few people should be using this casualty resolution. The widescreen 16:9 ratio (former) resolution allows for almost exactly 1.5 more map compared to the old resolution. 

If you join a game and can only see farplane, you didn't auto-get updates. First try running AC as admin and checking folder permissions. If that does not work, Replace {install directory}/java/spark.jar and {install directory}/java/lib/sparkresource.jar with the linked versions. Your {install directory} may be C:\Users\You\Downloads, for example, it depends on where you extracted the installation zip files to.
Can you post screenshots of what it looks like in each resolution?
Anyone who wants the patch for low res use can find it here: