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Full Version: A Clan's History 1
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Once upon a time, a long long time ago in the distant, mystical land of HFront, a bold and fearless man being known as OgreChow created a clan called CO. He created this clan with the vision of it being the most feared and respected clan in the land. Soon, after many battles and struggles this vision came true and the residents of HFront began to worship this clan, bowing to and kissing the feet of those bearing the =CO= scar, knowing that they were the best warriors of the time.. The ClanOgre was.. and still is home to some of the greatest warriors ever to compete in the ARC Battlefields.

The land of HFront along with the great ClanOgre empire soon came to an untimely end at the destruction of the land of HFront by a group of evil wizards and witches. ARC and the land of Hfront no longer existed and the Ogres in the empire dispersed onto their own paths and some lost the eternal knowledge and wisdom of the empire and were lead astray. There was chaos everywhere and the people of the land rebelled at the destruction of ARC.

A very long time had passed and on seeing the great troubles that befell the land, JV, the God of Creativity and BF, the God of Knowledge rebuilt ARC on new grounds.. the land of TEN. The remaining Ogres now make their triumphant return to the *NEW* ARC and its new land of TEN in the hope and knowledge of surely being once again the most powerful and feared clan in ARC. Today; and forever, those beings wearing their -CO- scar will look at that scar which will give them the courage and strengh to go forth into the world of ARC and TEN; and fight and strive to do whatever it takes to restore what was theirs; and to conquer the world of ARC, and thus rule ARC Forever!