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Full Version: A Clan's History 2
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Our Story
We started on lonly day in mid-november this is the story of Arch Angels.

On brisk day in November, Killa was walking around. Suddenly he say two newbi's fighting, constantly trying to break up this squable, he found the two newbis where more muscle then heart. Both of them have many many battle wounds because of getting there asses kicked daily. Getting sick of hearing so many your "Mamma" jokes and bad comebacks, he let them fight.

Astounded by later finding out that they where fighting over who was better ARC. He asked around and found out that there was many like him. He set out into an unknown realm, BOOM! he was stoped dead in his tracks, a giant bomb landed right infront of him. BOOM!... another, he was getting weeker, a final one came and he feel over, but to his amazment he didnt respawn normaly, he respawned in a pit of fire.

He was the Purgretory, or Hell as most of you know. A creature of fire came up and told him, "Killa, I command you to create a new Clan, that plays for fun, and not just to win, a clan that will not squable over petty things, and a clan that will not surrender to stronger oppisition." Withing seconds the beast was gone, and Killa was out apon the street.

So he set out, and found many like him, and they joined, he found Ratster, Goomba, and Scorpion. These where his first 3. Later he would find more, and so would they.

That is our story, now begon with you!