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Full Version: Ref Commands
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/pause or /p - pause or unpause game
/mute (username) public (reason) - (This allows the individual to still use teamchat)
/unmute (username) public
/mute (username) global - Complete mute
/switching (on/off) - Turns team switching on or off. Players that are not spectating can still spectate
/timer (minutes) (overtime minutes)
/score (team) (score) - Sets score for a team. /mod score green 3 would set the green team score to 3
/move (username) (team) - Moves username to team color
/lms - Turns on Last Man Standing mode
/respawns (x) - Turns on how many spawns a player can have where 'x' is the amount
/lms green on - For Alamo-style games, this command works for Green team ONLY!
/teams (list of spectator names excluded from the game)
/rating (name) (rating)
/deaths (name) (# of deaths)
/start (minutes) - sets time, restarts, unpauses, and unlocks
/half (minutes) (overtime minutes) - swaps teams, sets time, restarts, unpauses, and unlocks