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Full Version: A Clan's History 3
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BoB and Krondor started the clan on Friday, January 22, 1999. They were currently in BA and figured that it there wasn't much clan activity and decided that they were going to create their own clan. BoB is a former co-leader from OpT and Krondor is a former COUGAR member from the days on HFront.

On the day that Black Hand started, they decided that everything had to be approved by both of them, nothing is decided unless both know about it. They then started recruiting people they know and trust. After the end of Friday, January 23, 1999, BoB and Krondor had gotten five other members to join, thus considering them an official clan.

Now they have started over on Monday, February 15, 1999. The clan suffered when nobody would keep in touch. BoB and Krondor wrote a welcome e-mail and the such, but only got one response from it. Ever since then, it fell. BoB and Krondor have decided to keep the clan small. They feel that it'll be a lot better in the long run. When they are an established clan for a long period of time, they will start opening up member slots (Exceptions do apply for the ppl we know!).


Black Hand was named after some people Krondor learned about in history class. A man in this group was the one that assinated an arch duke or someone, who knows. The name sounded cool, so he took it.

The first Black Hand Clan was originally a Quake Clan, but when Quake II came out, it fell apart. Then the clan was brought back with StarCraft, the clan didn't work out, they had a maximum of four players after a month, so Krondor (former BH clans founder) disbanded it. Now the Blck Hand Clan is an ARC clan, and it will stay that way!