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Full Version: CTA REF
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Would like to post my application to become a ref. Whats the process here
Answer the following questions and send the answers in a private message on the forums to the current Head Referee.

1.How old are you?

2.Do you have any experience helping with tournaments/leagues?
-If yes, how many leagues/tournaments and what is/are their name(s).
-If yes, how involved/dedicated were you with their activities.
-If yes, How long have you been involved in the league(s)

3.How much time do you foresee yourself being able to give to the tournaments?

4.Does the above quota seem like it would pose as any sort of dilemma for you?

5.Why is this something that interests you?

6.What is your dominant Armor Critical alias?

7. What are your past names?

8. What is the latest time you stay up on a daily basis (average) in your timezone?

9. How many tournaments do you think you will be able to help out each week?

10. Will you be going on vacation within the next 6 months? If so, when and for how long.