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Full Version: CTA Update - Head Ref / CTA Board Applications
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As I'm sure most of the community has heard by now Cartman who was previously CTA's Head Ref has stepped down. In his place Elasesino will be assuming the position of Head Ref. All applications to join the ref team will be msged to him via these forums, please be sure to use the application template that will be posted soon on the forums.

Now, there has been much talk in the game about the new Board and its members. We have come to the decision that we will open up the last spot of the Board to the community. There currently is a stickied post where you can post your applications (only serious applications will be taken into consideration), there will be no template for this application. Instead, I will leave it up to the person to decide what relevant information they deem would get them the position. I would say though that the more information you can provide, the better your chances.

Lastly, I know that no matter what many of you will find something to gripe about, with the board, the refs, players in general, why not instead help mold CTA the way you think would benefit the community. You can either continue to be toxic or become part of the solution, we will soon be adding a stickied post for players to make suggestions on how CTA can improve. If you put forth a valid idea with some thought behind it and merit, then the board can discuss it and vote on it. Not all ideas will be implemented but again, maybe you can become part of creating something better.

Thank you
Well said Geno! Sometimes things need to crumble so it can be rebuilt stronger. This is a good start in the direction.