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I've recently started playing Fortnite these past few days, and I must say that I've become hooked. Even if you aren't a first person shooter fan, I'd recommend trying it. If you are, then it is a must play. If you have been living under a rock and are saying to yourself "Hey Bone, you know I'm a pretty big fuckin' moron most of the time... so like, what's Fortnite?" Well, let me enlighten you.

Quick Introduction of Fortnite

In terms of shooters, the concept I guess is pretty standard. You shoot to kill other people. Fortnite falls into the battle royal genre that has become so popular as of late. Think PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS or H1Z1. While those two were released prior to Fortnite, Fortnite has taken the battle royal market by storm. PUBG is rampant with cheaters, and a dev team that is slow and shows an abundance of indifference towards their player base. Progress is slow. Fortnite on the other hand is continuously being updated, cheating is not even an issue, and so on and so on. It's streamed and viewed by more people on twitch than it's competitors on a regular basis. Also I should add, Fortnite is FREE. Yes, that's right. The game that costs nothing to play is better managed and developed. Of course, purchases of in-game items can be made via their "V-Bucks", but it certainly isn't required (I did purchase the "Battle Pass" for their Season 3 that just started this past week. For $10 it is an absolute steal.) Fortnite also has this unique on-the-fly building system in-game as well that I personally haven't come across in other shooters. It makes for a one of a kind experience. Try it, you'll love it.

Here's a link to an even more in-depth article as well for anyone interested for a direct comparison between PUBG and Fortnite at this time. It's become rather lopsided.

Anyways, I've rambled a bit. So my main purpose of this post is that I'm interested in starting my own Fortnite Empire. I intend to shit down the throats of every 14 year old that dares talk shit to me on there. While I have enjoyed their Solo mode, and will continue to do so, I'm also interested in diving into their team modes as well. Besides Solo, players can also queue into a Duo or Squad battle royal. Duo consists of 2 player teams (obviously), and Squad is 4 player teams. So I am in search of some like-minded individuals with a passion for gaming and an even bigger passion for absolute domination. Pump the brakes before you throw your name in that hat.

Some criteria to consider:
  • FPS experience a plus (not required if you possess a similar cutthroat competitive drive as myself)
  • Discord is a necessity. While it is possible to play without it, you could never achieve the same high level of team coordination that you get playing with it.
  • Can't be an annoying cunt since I have to be on Discord with you.
  • An overall high video game aptitude is ideal. If you struggle making correct plays on a game you've been playing for 15-20 years, it's unlikely this is the squad for you.
Having said that, I look forward to maybe 1 or 2 of you joining me in this fun and challenging endeavor.
XBL KindaBigBadJohn
Oh, I guess I should have mentioned I play on PC, albeit available on XBox One and PS4 as well.
(02-26-2018, 08:53 AM)Bone Wrote: [ -> ]Oh, I guess I should have mentioned I play on PC, albeit available on XBox One and PS4 as 
My god, I am a colossal moron.
(03-03-2018, 01:12 PM)Fudorm Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-26-2018, 08:53 AM)Bone Wrote: [ -> ]Oh, I guess I should have mentioned I play on PC, albeit available on XBox One and PS4 as 
My god, I am a colossal moron.
^lmao @ the edit
play PUBG on xbl..