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Full Version: April 15th Update - Critical-HQ: Forum Updates
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Here are some updates made to the Critical-HQ Forums.

  • - Added breadcrumb links to sub-forum and threads

  • We finally have a "Marked All as Read" link at the bottom of the page. This was a feature suggested by various users.

  • Removed reputation system due to multiple users making a mockery of it. We have replaced that with a "Like" option on any post or reply.
  • Improved security on potential bots.

If you notice any bugs or have reasonable and worthwhile suggestions please post them here or send me a PM.
Great stuff cyro, any chance we could move the "Mark all forums read" to the top?
Should be fixed now but I will double check when I get out of work.
Confirmed that it's fixed.
When I look at the posts in a thread, the whole display seems like a little bit "too much." Hard to explain. What about changing the lighter gray background that is behind body text to match the darker grey in the background?
Update: the logo doesnt suck anymore!! gj
Top bottom, who cares as long as we have a MArk all read!!! Hooray!

Side note, you are looking for a better color balance chris. I would go as far as saying a black background would bring better focus on the html body? I am at a loss for words. Anyhow, taking this damn and dumb web publishing course, and one of the major things is not taking focus from the main part of your page. Which Now looking at it with no glasses the same colored background as the background in the "body" of the page seems to take away your attention.