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Not true Eekum, TnT has only recruited via invite only, and once we reach 10 members we won't be adding more. The real reason behind this is to make opportunities fair for other clans on AC. Of course, past members of TnT are welcome to tag up if they are clanless and are not included in the 10 maximum.
Yall better get off the screen, and grab some chips, cuz =TnT= now has Radar and Dip.. ya heard?
You only recruited Glazor because RoboTech saw that we were going to recruit him, and he wants me to be in whatever clan he is in, but I myself am not a follower. I exist in AC to have fun and play with people i get along with. I believe that teamwork and skill will come later

(04-01-2014, 06:09 AM)InSoMnIaC Wrote: [ -> ]I believe that teamwork and skill will come later

Comming from the guy who couldnt post stats in our first ever private go game, I thank you and I accept the congratulations
Tengo does all the recruiting. He got Glazor all on his own. Idgaf who MS recruits, and I hate being in same clan as you InSo. Why dont you ever say things that make sense?
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