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Somehow found this, don't know why/how but shit made me laugh and feel nostalgic, maybe it'll do the same to someone else.

By 3dmk

10 . ) Custom Avitars
Yes, I have in fact, created my own custom avitars and used them, not only for myself, but for numerous others. When normal forum users are denied this perk, I flaunt it like a whore in front of you all. This is wrong of me, and an abuse of my abilities.

9 . ) Moderating the APL forums at the begining of the season
Upset wiht the lack of caring league staff showed to the conduct of their participants, I took it upon myself to moderate their forums. I went on a serious locking/delete/move spree that upset numerous people to the point where people called for apl to leave hq entirely. I admitted I was wrong and have not touched them since.

8 . ) The modifications to the manopx/90poundwus signatures
Last year or the year before, I spent a decent amount of time modifying their posts, their signatures, their threads, all in an effort to piss them off even more. They had a very bad reputation here, and I only fueled it even more by giving them that much extra attention. While the community saw some of the stuff, they didnt see it all. At one point, I think err0r actually redirected all trafic from their ip addresses to tubgirl. They deserved it, but still an abuse of power.

7 . ) Kick/Ban usage in sierra and servers
I have, on occasion, kicked users who had done nothing more than talked shit to me as a player for the sole purpose of getting under my skin. Instead of letting it slide, i would kick users repeatedly until they never came back. This led to some great names, such as MTweenIsAWhore and 3dmkSucksMahBallz. When viewing server logs, I see these names on occasion and feel loved, knowing that i helped initiate their creation.

6 . ) The banning spree of 2005
From January - December of 2005, i banned a record number of user accounts from the forums. Some were deserved, others meerly because I felt like it. I allowed my emotions to get to me at times. Because of this, people like JMan are not allowed to post here. I hope to let him back in eventually to make up for my blatant abuse of powers. Unfortunately, people like ManOPC/Manilla/gillesp will not be permitted back in.

5 . ) The banning of greysoul
One evening last week, while at a small lan party, a group of family members, who also no about my reputation for being a forum nazi, applied enough peer presure for me to ban someone on the forums for fun. My intended target was hybrid. He is always fun to lockout and let back in the next day for no reason. But i accidentaly banned gs instead. I didnt hit the down arrow enough times. The next day, I realized my mistake and granted him access to the forums again.

4 . ) The abuse of Prophet
Everyone knows that in the begining, prophet was fun to talk with, but eventually, he became a huge emo brat child who wanted to turn arc into ahuge drama filled place where everyone was against him and his clan. I made it clear that I was not going to deal with him, and in doing so, deleted various posts of his in an effort to shut him up. This abuse of my powers led to him being even more of a freak, which ultimartely led to his demise. He pushed a little too hard to be cool, and it bit him in the ass. I feel bad now, seeing that sin is now last in UAL.

3 . ) The neverending insults of Backlash
While it has tappered off substantially, err0r and myslef spent countless hours making fun of backlash on these forums. Err0r one time changed his signature and avitar tot hat of a sessy lawnmower. His reputation was eternally tarnished. He tries so hard to be cool now, but whenever i see his post, i think he is sitting in someones house stealing internet access between cutting lawns.

2 . ) Accessing the officers only area of the sin forums
After dealing with Prophet using the UAL public forums as a place to provide private information that was UAL staff eyes only, I took it upon myself to notify him oh his ban from HQ in the best possible way. On his own forums. I had an administrator account that one of the sin members had provided me with, and invaded their privacy, much like they had invaded UAL's. Wrong, I know, but humerous none the less.

1 . ) Using IdleLink's IP Address DB to out every smurf in arc.
In one day, err0r and I outed every known smurf who had used IdleLink servers over a 2-3 month period. While it was only up for a day or two, it was a huge issue with the community, and a blatant abuse of my powers.
wow my account works Big Grin


(06-14-2014, 06:25 PM)Cheejudo Wrote: [ -> ]wow my account works Big Grin

Mine does as well. Too bad Err0r shut down posting.
I remember prophet Smile
Me too, cool guy.  I don't think he was ever emo though.  The too hard to be cool though was definitely dead on.  What a child.

No one important will ever see this.
Prophet- Wrote:No one important will ever see this.
Damn that was p cool
Sin was awesome lol.. Full of smurfs.. I remember one league we had a smurf clan and our normal clan, got to the finals and it was us vs us bc we smurfed.. was Orb and Oblivion.. not all Orb members were in Oblivion but all Oblivion members were Orb members  lol