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The history of LN begins way back into the late 90s when Armor Critical was known as Attack Retrieve Capture, while it was based from TEN. Although nobody who played ARC from TEN remembers LN, recently they have became a respected clan due to their victory over CaDF in the ACHT semifinals. This however came at the cost of selling out one of their captains, Predator, in order to add a returning ARCer to their playoff roster, the dominant GO player known as tengo from the legendary =TnT= clan.

A quick recap of LN's poor performance during the ACHT season will shed light on why it was necessary to remove their captain Predator from the roster in order to add the dominant GO player from =TnT=:

12/06/13: LN begins the ACHT season by losing 3-0 to Violent. This critical game created the expectations for the remainder of the season. LN purposely forced their fourth to log off in order to make Violent play a 3v3, hoping to increase their opportunity at a win. As the stats show, this was not the case. The CTA behemoth known as Yoshi attempted his best to carry, but the well-known GO washup, Dario, performed poorest on the team. Night, a solid starter for LN was probably cited as the reason to LN's poor performance even though he was able to break the 2,000 DD barrier.

12/09/13: LN plays Zen 4v3 to win 2-1. Another important game for LN after suffering a total breakdown versus Violent (in which their total DR was .71) was against Zen, who played LN with a man down. LN was able to capitalize on this 30 minute power-play slightly squeaking a win. The important lesson from this game was one powerhouse could not be stopped by the entire LN team as DreAm was able to maintain a 1.67 DR and the source of most total damage to 3/4 of LN's team. Luckily, Night was able to be the only one with positive K/D and the carry to a 2-1 4v3 win.

12/12/13: LN barely defeats RS 1-0 A decisive game to determine who was the third best team (out of six) in ACHT, LN is barely able to beat RS who was unable to field their starting lineup. LN, who put their starters up against RS in 3v3 (with Oroshi and Night coming in the second half) were only able to secure a 1-0 win. This is RS without Clouds and more importantly without Drue. Sean, the leader of RS was forced to deal with two second stringers as his teammates against a starting LN lineup. It is unclear whether or not LN was able to cap until Night was put into the game.

12/17/13: CaDF dominates LN 2-0 while LN fields their starters. The reality of this game is grim and destroyed any hopes that LN had to become a competitor for the ACHT crown. CaDF destroyed the starters of LN. The entire CaDF lineup was able to have a positive K/D while LN had the exact opposite (read: all negative.) Yoshi, the most dominant arcer in the ACHT tournament according to the low-tier of CTA players was held to 8/12. Laernu/Unreal was dealt a horrible 8/17 finish. Dario, who was able to pickup his game against RS, finished with 9/12. Night, although not as badly as Laernu/Unreal, ended with 9/16. Perhaps the most notable part of LN's fallout was that CaDF's 4th, pendelum (aka Clockwork) had only played ACHT twice and CTA ten times in 2013. CaDF basically gave zero fucks by having pendelum play, who was still able to go 9/7 and 1.42 DR overall. (While also having more DD than 3/4 of LNs lineup...)

LN would play MS an hour later to finish their season with three wins (two of them desperately luck based) and two losses.

Luckily, the rules of ACHT allowed all clans participating during the season to be included in the playoffs, but after such a humiliating turnout in ACHT, LN was demoralized and unable to improve. Their final stats are evident of their poor play and inability to move out of shit-tier: three out of five on their roster finished with negative K/D, which meant half of their starting lineup.

What was LN to do? They were being owned left and right. First they tried forcing their fourth to log-off to 3v3, yet they still lost. They barely beat Zen with an extra player. CaDF didn't show respect by starting a 4th who doesn't even play to completely dismantle LN. RS didn't even field their starters and LN barely won. LN was getting owned left and right. Their starters were giving up on the game:

Dario> I don't play ARC anymore.
Yoshi> I'd rather play League of Legends.
Night> It's because we're not getting on Mumble.
Unreal> Thank God I played against MS so I could end the season with positive KD.

As 2013 was coming to a close, the single-elimination ACHT was going to start in January. LN needed a miracle. And that miracle showed up. Just two days after LN was smashed by CaDF, tengo, a professor of Golden Oldie strategy (source: Mage) returned to the game after nearly six months of absence, to destroy a game of SmearUltimate to remind everybody that real represents real. This of course did not go unseen by the active members of LN:

[5:45:46 PM] Dario : pls bro pls join LN
[5:47:17 PM] PM from Yoshi : Sup tengo!!! I heard Dario asked you to join our roster for ACHT. He doesn't want me to know but we rly need you.
[5:48:37 PM] PM from Night : you should really consider joining LN for ACHT, we need someone to replace Dario
[5:49:47 PM] PM from Unreal : I'll suck ur dik if you join bro
[5:57:12 PM] PM to Unreal : k

At 18:52:43 pm Eastern Time Zone on December 30, 2013, the miracle really happened. The Professor of Golden Oldie, AGN record holder for most flag attempts during a playoff game in 2002, MLA ring-bearer, most-feared player in the last decade was added to the LN roster for the ACHT playoffs.

And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Recruit tengo and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a TnT is about to carry you

Finally, the good days for LN were ahead. With the ability to win, tengo was going to carry LN to victory. Although with only a few weeks to unrust months of not playing, the results were staggering:

01/09/2014: tengo carries LN to a 1-0 shutdown against CaDF. CaDF notices that tengo has been added to the LN roster, and what this meant is they had to bring their top guns. With Astrok and Parrotman in the starting lineup, years of APL championship depth were brought into the CaDF line to support reigning champion Sebek. The miracle displayed his humbleness: tengo> I respect CaDF for showing their top guns. APL championships aside, it would not be enough. CaDF was shutdown with zero completed flags, and ended the game with half their lineup in negative K/D. For the first time, an LN member (Yoshi) showed positive stats against CaDF. A true testament to the tengo factor.

01/09/2014: tengo was tired: CaDF defeats LN 3-1. Carrying is one thing but being tired and trying to carry can be difficult. tengo showed signs that he needed rest but game two was pushed anyways. Of course if a legendary TnT member is performing poorly then LN will continue to perform poorly just as they did the entire season. tengo> i need rest ... the third and final game would have to be postponed for a few days.

01/13/2014: CaDF is once again shut down 1-0 thanks to the one, the only, tengo =TnT=. LN once again carried by The Miracle, The Professor, Leading AGN Flag Attempter, tengo =TnT= with a 1-0 victory over CaDF. For the first time in years, CaDF has lost a series on ARC. The tengo factor truly makes a difference.

Unfortunately, the finals between Violent and LN in ACHT would never happen because the league crumbled and one of Violent's starters was banned a few weeks later for being a dumbfuck (Faur.) Although, with certainty everybody in the community and even Violent members knew that they couldn't deal with =TnT= legend when the time came. The only answer was to get one of their starters banned and have the rest of the clan go afk.

And this my friends, is the story of how tengo of =TnT= carried LN to be a respectable clan, and a series win that will echo in eternity.


Gay and inaccurate. Can you imagine if you put this much effort into your shitty clan they might be able to beat MS? BTW we played zen a man down and not vice versa. The logs are faked etc.
The truth is in the links. Positive rep pls #reps4reps


p sure we had to carry tengo to his only ring the last two games against CaDF. dude was throwin up sick on the sidelines, and after the game

tengo > sorry guys i coulda played better good win tho
This couldn't be any further from the truth. Tengo is the real dick sucker, let this be known to all.
Funniest line of all: [5:57:12 PM] PM to Unreal : k
[5:47:17 PM] PM from Yoshi : Sup tengo!!! I heard Dario asked you to join our roster for ACHT. He doesn't want me to know but we rly need you.

nailed it, exactly how he talks. uncanny.
three year anniversary of the greatest post in the history of critical hq posts, with updated links


- tengod
I really really took this game too seriously, Jesus.
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