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Full Version: RECOVERED THREAD: CRYBRIDX CTA Tier Ranking -- December
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since the CTA forums aren't letting me post, i'll post them here.

i want to preface this by explaining the reasoning and basis for the placement.

first of all, if there is an asterisk next to a name it is because that person is 'on the rise' in my opinion. if they got more active, or continued on the pace they are at, they will move into the next tier quite soon (if not already). the listing of the names is in absolutely no order whatsoever, this is purely a tier ranking.

second, these are all based solely on my opinion of overall play in the variety of maps that cta offers. i personally went through the last month of cta games to come up with my initial placement. i also referenced messenger's ranking, the overall cta leader boards, the current season leader boards and individual leaders for specific gaming modes. i also based my placement on players who have frequently been apart of cta despite recent inactivity, however i left off anyone who hasn't played a single game in months. i whole heatedly welcome criticism and would like to make an updated version of this perhaps next month.. assuming the game hasn't died by then.

the places i used to gather my info can be found below:

tier 1)

these are players who, if on the same team, will almost guarantee a win. these players are generally made to be captains against each other to create a fair game. you'll never see someone in the top tier ever playing below 100% and win or lose, you'll have a shot with one of them in the zone. this list would be longer, but many of the players who fit into this mold are currently inactive.

Drue, tobias, bIgDysHi, Parrotman

tier 2)

some of the better players in the game who will generally go in rounds 2-4 and offer a high level of play on just about every map. they're knowledgeable of all maps, can frag proficiently and will make plays to save or even win a game for their team. it is important to pick these players in a smart order because teams get stacked very easily in these rounds by poor captain decisions. there are definitely a few solid candidates in this pool to move up into the top tier with a little more activity and discipline.

Dario*, akma*, Endo, unreaL, Astrok*, tits, dip, Fiya, hybridx, fr33k, lightning, volt, Night, faur*, Radar, loki

tier 3)

solid picks that often sneak into the early 3rd through 5th rounds in cta matches. some of these players should be in tier 2 and most likely will be very soon, but they have holes in their game that lead to exploitations in specific game styles. with some polishing and practice i can see just about everyone here improving quickly. although not every thing, being a confident fragger can not hurt your game in any respect no matter what the map.

Sparkinator*, benevolence*, hunter*, tengo*, ProPlayer, Elysium, bankai*, CloudS, otacon, sean, longshot, igloo*, razorback*, 20lbGenitals*, masta, potdawg, zizel*, Domey, MrGoodCat*, Monsterjerjerjer*, HeavensGates

tier 4)

these are players who suffer from spotty activity, poor fragging/vision and/or general lack of desire. that is not to say everyone in tier 4 is a bad player, in fact there are quite a few who i can say practice daily and make efforts to improve their game in any way. i have seen steady betterment in some and they'll be up in the next tier soon if they remain as active as they have been.

fudorm, helwor*, pitchblackitalia, Assailant* NormL, MUAHAHA*, ObamaCares*, LSF*, stunna*, atreyu, castiel, drama, InSoMnIaC

tier 5)

new to the game, probably on some kind of opiate or just plain confused -- these are the players who unfortunately can throw an entire cta game off balance if there isn't another equally inexperienced player on the opposing team. i would love to help these guys get better and offer a higher level of play, but are they even interested? i have seen improvement in the play exhibited by some, but it will take some work to get out of this tier! step it up!

j0hnny, paco, swirls (mowgle?), strictlystone*, dirtnasty21*, mater, atropa

thanks for reading .. i welcome input!

if you haven't seen my arc videos, enjoy!