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Full Version: July Updates
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I think most of the bugs have been worked out of the updates I've made, so here is a list. If you have any questions about these updates, post them here.

### Game

* Added customizable particle effects (I will post details in the Patches forum)
* Changed the font and added an option to change the font weight
* Added fog of war map setting
* Made names under ships fade out around the edges of the screen (in FoW maps only)
* Modified the timer to count down instead of up if it is set
* Changed damage stats display to scale numbers like kills
* Fixed the server mod permissions bug (I think)
* Fixed the HealthDecay and FHealthDecay map settings
* Replaced the repair tile graphics
* Redrew game cursors so they aren't as pixelated
* Added the Scores tab back to the game, now tracking individual round wins
* Added settings for moving health, energy, and weapons meters
* Added an alternate way to display team scores, timer, and other game info
* Added setting to enable middle clicking to clear game chat
* Added setting to make the game chat fade as a player moves under it

### Website and chat

* Updated website framework and re-organized file structure
* Fixed an issue with /cc causing chat server to crash
* Fixed the maps directory
* Fixed map overview images
* Got map list to sort case-insensitively
* Removed the need for "disable scrolling" button
* Styled the scrollbars in Chrome
* Got height of chat room area to save between refreshes
* Added new flag icons
Great work Odo, appreciate the time & effort you are putting in.
Procrastination at its finest. Love your work.
I thought you weren't going to work on this game anymore, ha...
By which he clearly means...'thanks for the hard work'...obviously.
Nice, really liking these updates. Customization options are always great. Gj.
Is there any chance you could bring back having score next you your name again as an option?


I really like TerroR's idea. Thanks for all the updates. I really dig the new particle effect s and the FoW could be very cool.
Can the "patchfix" setting be implemented under Game Settings, so players don't need to type "/toggle patchfix" every time they join a game server?

Is it possible for ghosted players on a game server to be removed automatically when affected players try to re-join the game server?

The server does not seem to notice this, so the affected player is unable to join and would resort to using a different player name. Ideally, the game server would notice this and remove the ghosted player, allowing the affected player to come right back in.
yeah score next to your name again would be nice, gj tho odo!
Quote:If you have any questions about these updates, post them here.

This is not a feature request thread.
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