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Full Version: Thank You For Your Service
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The Spark Staff would like to thank Patabugen and Yoshi for their services. They have recently stepped down from the administration team and we wish them all the best going forward.
Thank You Based Gods For Your Service


Thanks Turbo and thanks to the staff for giving me a chance. I wasn't the best guide of all-time but I was active from start to finish. I am really excited about the new development being done on ArmorCritical by Odo, DE, and springguy. Cyro has done a lot behind the scenes and I hope that some of that stuff gets 100℅ done soon. I'm also looking forward to seeing what dip will bring to the table.

As for the rest of the staff, I would like to thank the active ones that were always active. Especially oTacon. The guy has done so much for this community and he will never get all the thanks he deserves. I'd like to thank Bene for always being active and putting in work in CTA and Sebek for always being the role model that I think guides should try to model themselves after (even though I tried I never really did).

I'm also excited that Turbo has recently come back with a new vigor and is leading CTA once again. Not only that he is also helping spearhead new growth behind the scenes that a lot of people will never see.

I will still be around the game because I love it. It's the only game that has ever grabbed me for so long and I will always support it.

Thanks again for the kind words, Turbo!
Farewell Patabugen. You've contributed so much over the years & sought zero acknowledgement or praise. I personally wish you luck on all of your future endeavors.

I have no idea who Yoshi is but thanks for contributing.
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