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Full Version: CTA Staff vs Community Game #1 (August 10, 2014)
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The CTA staff will be hosting a CTA Staff vs Community game on the coming Sunday.
This will be the first game in an effort to bring the staff vs community games back!

We're shooting for around 9 or 10 EST but the time will depend on when we have enough staff online to play without limiting the number of community members.

Date: 08-10-2014
Time: Around 9 or 10 pm EST (Whenever we have enough staff members online).
Map: To be determined, will vary depending on number of players.

The winning team will be awarded this icon on the name they use in the game:
[Image: sicon290.png]
Sounds like a pretty uninteresting game considering the majority of the top 20 is staff.
(08-07-2014, 01:33 PM)gates Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-07-2014, 01:24 PM)Nuts Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like a pretty uninteresting game considering the majority of the top 20 is staff.

Really? If tobi, pman and yoshi show up , we already have an advantage.

Yoshi is head ref tho...
1 tobiashi 2000 not cta
2 Flash 1900
3 Parrotman 1900 not cta
4 ElAsesino 1900 not cta
5 Elsweyr 1900
6 tengo 1900
7 Romanticide 1900 not cta
8 Unreal 1900
9 Louie 1900 not cta
10 KortsA 1900 not cta
11 Dario 1900
12 TerrOr 1900 not cta
13 Turbo 1900
14 Riptide 1800 not cta
15 Genocide 1800 not cta
16 Benevolence 1800
17 Bone 1800 not cta
18 DreAm 1800 not cta
19 zAne 1800 not cta
20 Odoacer 1800 not cta

Youre still wrong Nuts.
Pretty sure ela is listed as a ref and ive seen at least 3 of those other "not cta" people on that list ref games before.
Ela has been removed from CTA staff as of a week or two ago. Which other "not cta" people are cta? I will prove ya wrong now Smile
damn doe
Dream is not top 20
Congrats to the community team!
Turbo looks like we need to cut some dead weight before the next game.
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