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Full Version: lost password?
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So, my internet got jacked up last night and I was dooing tons to try to fix it. During that process I loss my password I had saved in for chat login. I tried remember what my password was but can not seem to.

I tried hitting the lost password button but, it does not send me an email to my account.
Can I get some assistance with this? If not to get the lost password link to be fixed then for someone to go in and adjust my password?
On what name? I have PMed you the e-mail that is registered with 'MrGoodCat'
Yup, that's it. I try to do a lost password for it but it does not send me anything in my email.
So umm. Can someone just go in and reset my password since that lost password link is broke.

Also noticed that the "Contact support" link does not work either. It should at least redirect to the fourms.
I definitely agree that the 'Contact Support' link should at the least redirect to a Help section of the forums.