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Full Version: CTA Staff vs Community Game #2 (September 14, 2014)
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The CTA staff will be hosting a CTA Staff vs Community event on the coming Sunday.
This will be the 2nd consecutive monthly Staff vs event.

Last time, more community members than staffers showed up, so multiple games will be run in a similar situation. This is so we can include all interested community members.

We're shooting for around 9 or 10 EST but the time will depend on when we have enough staff online to play without limiting the number of community members.

Date: 09-14-2014
Time: Around 9 or 10 pm EST (Whenever we have enough staff members online).
Map: To be determined, will vary depending on number of players.

The winning team will be awarded this icon on the name they use in the game:
[Image: sicon453.png]
Cool count me in to vote for the map!