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Full Version: 2014 Q1 Clan Rankings
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Hello everyone! I am Emissary and I am going to rank how I feel the current clans stack up against each other. This is obviously just my opinion and I am sure that some people will feel differently. That's okay! Just have a civilized discussion about it. I just wanted to bring something to the community like Messenger, Ectogon, and Yoshi have done. Honestly I don't know how often I will update these and that is why I named it Q1 meaning Quarter one if people did not know.

The "stock" status is how I feel the clan's direction is going. If things are going swell then it's stock status will be going UP and if I feel that it's downward trending then it will be going DOWN.

Lets get to it shall we?

[Image: ln_zps7df620d8.png]

Yes I have LN and TnT tied for first place as I feel like it could go either way, but since LN has been around and more stable for longer I will put them first. I honestly feel as though LN has been wavering a bit lately. They have suffered a loss in a stable member in Niveus, and some of their previously active members are going inactive. They reached the grand finals of the holiday tournament, but some of that success has to be attributed to the addition of tengo who runs TnT. So, as you can see it's quite the dilema. I feel like LN has a very strong starting four in today's game, but their past strength is now their weakness in that they have little to no depth. Dario, Laernu, Yoshi, and Night will need to show for pretty much any clanwar against TnT. I am not taking anything away from their other members because bigdaddy and hybrid can both compete. Hopefully LN recruits more members to stabilize themselves, but I can't help but feel a bit worried about them.

STRENGTHS: Starting lineup, chemistry

[Image: tnt2_zps6c148ec9.png]

THE emerging clan that I feel is about to be the dominant force on ArmorCritical. The thing is there are rumors that Drue has quit so I did not include him on the starting four. If he comes back then obviously it's going to be rivaling or surpassing LN's top 4. Not saying that TnT doesn't already keep LN in check if both starting fours were to compete against each other. Tengo is a very active player, and has been busting his ass recruiting more competitive players for the emerging TnT. The pick up of Radar is a very promising one as I am sure that the rest of the community will agree he's a very strong player. Tengo and Radar are obviously the stars at the moment but RiddeN/RoboTech is a strong player in his own right. If there is a clanwar on a CTA map then Sparkinator will shine. There are also a lot of different players that could fill in for this starting four such as arcslayer, tits, and niveus. TnT has the most depth out of any roster right now, and if LN doesn't keep up then TnT will easily surpass them and take the number one spot. If Drue has indeed stayed with the clan then I would even put them as the number one clan right now.

STRENGTHS: Depth, Starting line
WEAKNESSES: Chemistry(Currently until they gel)

[Image: pv_zps70d88290.png]

Vision was a clan I had to think about. They are a stable clan with a stable lineup, but are they better than TnT or LagNaders at this point in time? I don't think they are. Don't get me wrong because I think they have a pretty good roster in CTA'ish maps, but I don't think that they could beat either of the top two clans. Their starting four is actually pretty good in Bene, ectogon, cyro, and loki if he's drunk. They could potentially compete with either of the top two clans in a CTA map but in GO I feel like they are lacking. Not because of individual skill but because of lack of experience in the map in general. They have better depth than LN, and slightly lesser-skilled depth than TnT. They do have a solid roster though and I hope that they continue to compete with each other and stay together.

STRENGTHS: Depth, individual skill on CTA maps
WEAKNESSES: Lack of chemistry on GO, and in CTA maps
STOCK STATUS:Neutral/Slightly UP

[Image: MS_zps4b9cb1ce.png]

First of all I have to commend MotherShip for the staying power that it has had on ArmorCritical. I think that the leadership of this clan is top notch, and maybe the best on the entire game. They have scheduled meeting times every week. What other clan can say that? I feel like each of the members care about the clan, and you can't take that for granted. BUT. I feel like skill-wise they just aren't up to snuff with the three clans above them, and it's partially because they just don't have the same amount of experience or personal skill level. I really think that having MS is great for the game, and I commend them. I hope that one day that they can add some power players or they continue to improve to constantly compete with the big boys.

STRENGTHS: Depth, staying power, chemistry
WEAKNESSES: Individual skill level

[Image: n0rt_zpscc7bb213.png]
I feel like I need to say that it's obvious that n0rt isn't trying to be a competitive clan as much as it's a homage to a past great clan. I struggled to think of a starting four for these guys, but I am not going to try to make them out to be something that they are not. It's nice to see the tag though, and maybe one day they will try to be a competitive clan. The game needs it.

STRENGTHS: They are a clan
WEAKNESSES: Not a constant factor on a game. Not a "real" competitive clan. No depth.
Emissary, nice post and read. It would be better if you posted on your real name so we knew who you are.

Yes it is true that Drue has left TnT to start his own clan, and he absolutely has our blessing. We wish him the best and hope he can pick up some solid recruits. The reason I like Drue is he can pick up slightly lesser skilled players that will listen to his strategy and make it work. So best wishes to Drue.

Even though I have butt heads quite a bit with members from MS, I still think it is rather commendable that they are together and active for the extended period of time. Guys if you're new to the community, get in touch with Inso. He is a great person(although slightly confusing and talks gibberish at times) and will help you get started.

Once again, great post Smile


Great post like dip said.

Thanks for the read.

Big Grin
(04-04-2014, 07:12 AM)niveus Wrote: [ -> ]Emissary, nice post and read. It would be better if you posted on your real name so we knew who you are.

It's better this way.

I actually wish I started doing my CTA Power Rankings on a false name.
I deal with too much bullshit and bitching about it whenever I release them monthly, it's actually what is holding me back from doing them right now. Rankings are appreciated by some but most take it way too seriously. "OMG YOU HAVE XXXXXX OVER ME!?!? I'M AT LEAST TWO SPOTS ABOVE THEM!!!"

Just a quick note, Emissary, I'm not entirely sure if Loki is still in Project Vision. Also with him we only have 6 members, without him we have 5. That said it's a complete joke to say we have any type of depth. Good write up though and props to using the GOOD PV tag in the image - - .pv instead of THAT HORRID GARBAGE - - :vision.
I'm not in LN.
Nice to see some rankings again! Good write up.
(04-04-2014, 11:50 AM)Emissary Wrote: [ -> ]Dario, Laernu, Yoshi, and Night will need to show for pretty much any clanwar against TnT.

Just wondering, since Dario is considered an honorary member. Is he really included in the line up?
I would say LNs top 4 would be Yoshi, Unreal, bigdaddy and night
(04-04-2014, 12:19 PM)RoboTech Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-04-2014, 11:50 AM)ectogon Wrote: [ -> ]Dario, Laernu, Yoshi, and Night will need to show for pretty much any clanwar against TnT.

Just wondering, since Dario is considered an honorary member. Is he really included in the line up?

I didn't write that though.
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