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Full Version: CTA Staff vs Community Game #3 (October 12, 2014)
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The CTA staff will be hosting a CTA Staff vs Community event on the coming Sunday.
This will be the 3rd consecutive monthly Staff vs event.

Last time, we had enough players for 6 player per team Squares 4 team Assassin, a 24 player game!

The CTA Staff reserves the right to poach AC staff members for its team.

We're shooting for around 9 or 10 EST but the time will depend on when we have enough staff online to play without limiting the number of community members.

Date: 10-12-2014
Time: Around 9 or 10 pm EST (Whenever we have enough staff members online).
Map: TBD (I'd like to run a 4 team assassin)

The winning team will be awarded this icon on the name they use in the game:
[Image: sicon415.png]
are these only going to be played at sundays?
I suggest Reflex Assassin Smile
I like th new fliop flop 4 team assassin. But cant gow rong with waffles4 or squares4 either.
I'll play the next one to make sure we don't lose again.
Formal request to make the next one on a Saturday so that I can attend and bring some respectability back to this organization. kthx