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Full Version: CTA Power Rankings April '14
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Tier 1 AKA The CTA Kings
The players who give you the closest chance at an automatic win

1. Laernu | UP 6
A great player that rarely messes up. He’s a good combination of lag/skill. A hell of a fragger. Kills everything in site. Deadly 1v1.
Last month I said "He’s a safe 2nd pick for your team and sometimes will even outplay the top players. Congratulations on your promotion to a new tier this month, Lauren. You deserve it. Keep it up and who knows?"
Was it foreshadowing? Absolutely. Lauren has been one of the most active players as of late. He's also been the most dominant player in CTA game in and game out. He's no longer a "safe 2nd pick" he's a "hey dipshit pick him 1st overall over Drue/Yoshi/Tobias/etc.. or you will probably lose."
THE. BEST. PLAYER. ON. THE. GAME. You heard it here first.

2. Tobias | Down 1
Tobias, even though #2 now is still arguably the most well rounded player. He’s a good teammate not necessarily due to strategy but because he can put teams on his back with his fragging ability. He is the best pure shooter in the game currently. He’s unmatched in nearly every aspect of this game.

3. Drue | Up 1
Deserved Tier 1 since I started doing these rankings a few months back and he's finally there. Drue was never held out of Tier 1 due to his performance at all. Some players were just playing more and better. Drue plays in spurts. He might not play for ~5 days straight and then will play nonstop for a few days. Whether he's rusty or not, Drue is always one of the best players you will stumble across on this game. He has such a grasp on what to do and when to do it. His knowledge of the game and how he approaches each player differently based on their weaknesses is what separates him from most players. He's freakishly smart when it comes to analyzing players on the fly and picking them apart based on trends. The best thing to do (it's what I do personally) is act abnormal when Drue is targeting you. It's all you can do.

Tier 2 AKA The CTA Queens (No that’s not derogatory, stop being immature)
Players that are almost Tier 1 but need to have a good month to knock one of the “CTA KINGS” our of their top 3 spots

1. Yoshi | Down 1
Yoshi has now fallen into the previous situation Drue was in. He's a tier one player and deserves it but it just can't happen right now. If he were a bit more active he would probably hold the spot over Drue still.

2. Akma
Akma is a fantastic overall player. He doesn’t win as much as the Tier 1 players though so I can’t slot him in that group right now. I also feel Akma tends to give up when his team is down 2-0 early and start to play for for his ratios. He’s a gifted player. His fragging ability is outstanding and his intelligence is almost unmatched.

3. Tengo
Tengo got active and dominant out of no where. He’s a very intelligent player and knows what to do to win games. He’s an elite fragger and a great team player. He doesn’t hesistate to do the little things and get his nose dirty. Tengo tries to win every game he plays. He’s a solid 1st pick if you lose the toss and your opponent grabs a Yoshi/Tobias/Drue/etc.. I believe Tengo still flies under the radar even though he's a Tier 2 player in my eyes.

4. Benevolence | Down 5
Benevolence finds his spot in tier 2 now because he's completely went inactive. He's only played a few games over 10 in the last month. He's still a legit Tier 1 force in my eyes but it's had to justify him over any of the players above him on this list right now.

5. Parrotman *NEW*
Welcome back to being ranked, you living legend. You hell of a player. Parrotman loved by all. He is a top 3 fragger in the game no matter what. He makes any team better simply because of that. His fragging combined with his knowledge makes him a force. The more active Parrotman gets, the higher he moves on this list.

Tier 3 AKA The CTA Knights
Players with potential to win you rounds/games with their play. Very rarely have an off game.

1. Clouds
Clouds doesn’t get enough love right now. Where he lacks in some areas he makes up with his EXCELLENT fragging ability. Currently I think he’s one of the best fraggers you can select. Be warned, he's prone to vulching the hell out of his team. Until he straightens this flaw in his game out, he won't move higher. Once he gets a bit better with knowing when to kill and not, he’s going to be a top tier player. Clouds is one of the most active players on the game right now and it's showing in the progression of his skill. I agree with others when they say short-term he's got the most potential on this game. Keep up the good work CloudS.

2. Endo
This is just Endosgame and we are all playing in it right now.

3. Loki | Up 5
Loki is typically a player that jokingly underrates himself with comments of “pick me last.” Loki is a steady solid player. An extemely safe early pick. Don’t hesitate over the “I’m drunk and I can’t see the screen” comments. Loki had an off month so I had to drop him below BigDaddy. I think Loki was legitimately drunk most of the times he claimed he was this month.

4. Radar *NEW*
Some people may feel that I've listed Radar too low but I think it's fair. He's an extremely passive player that isn't really built to perform well in CTA maps, especially the ones with a forced fast pace like Hectic. He's a very talented player, but he doesn't play with a whole lot of urgency. He relies on players to make mistakes and instantly takes advantage of that. That works on large maps but in CTA sometimes you have to force things to happen and take chances. Until that happens, Radar will never reach his full potential.

5. EeKuM | Down 2
No bio. I don't like to write about myself. I did have a month short of my expectations but I don't feel the need to move myself down just yet. I need to step it up or I will be in Tier 4 for May.

6. Dip | Down 1
Dip is a good player and I think he underestimates himself a bit and enjoys flying under the radar. . Pick him for his lag and defense and you can't go wrong. Trust me, you don't want to go against that expecially in a tight game.
I called him out last month and he followed it up with another great month. I wanted to move him up but I still feel that Dip is in above his head. I have to hold him in place for now until he proves it over a longer period of time. This is your movement month, Dip. Do it.

Tier 4 AKA The CTA Princes
These are your comfortable picks. Don’t expect them to be the best player on your team BUT they can be. They won’t fuck up and cost you games. They are steady players you should always feel good about having them on your team.

1. Cyro | Down 3
If you are looking for good stats, look elsewhere. Fiya rarely has more kills than deaths or a positive damage ratio. He wins though. He’s currently sitting at 61% (only down 1% from last month) this quarter. Fiya does all the little things right and does what he can do to help teammates out. For example he will be one hit smoking in Stronghold or Hectic and will unload his specials into the corner to help his teammate with positioning. Fiya knows how to win and tries his best to win. He's consistently been one of the better 2nd-3rd picks that you can get in a game. If you get Fiya after that, consider it a gift.
Fiya didn't do anything wrong to move down to Tier 4 this month, sometimes it's just going to happen when you aren't a top player. Some players get hot out of no where and go on a run for a bit. Some players stay constant and steady. Fiya is a constant and steady player. You always know what you are going to get.

2. Big Daddy | Down 1
Big Daddy continues to put up great stats, he's just caught a bad break on the W/L record side of things. Like Cyro, he's dropped because of others playing well, not because he's done anything wrong. Despite dropping this month, I think BigDaddy is already trending upwards for next month.

3. Fudorm | Up 10
Fudorm has quitely been playing really well lately. He's an above average flagger and he seems to be refining his team play a bit lately. Keep up the good work Fudorm. Make sure you tell your girlfriend you are moving up in the CTA Power Rankings so she can make a Bitstrip about it on Facebook.

4. ArcSlayer
ArcSlayer typically doesn't have the top stats in games (you can even say that are just average) but he's a great role player and a very good team player. He's sitting @ nearly 60% win this quarter for a reason.

5. Lugz | Up 1
SPARKINATED. TOPDD. Lugz only cares about two things. Doing the most damage (which is a good thing but he tends to die far more than he should) and winning. He will rush endlessly. If this was Starcraft, Lugz would Zerg rush you every single game even though you know it’s coming, he doesn’t care. He will pick up a flag to move it a cunt hair. He does whatever he believes will help his team win. If Lugz were a bit more patient he could be a much better player but his team play could suffer tremendously. He’s picked on teams because he’s expected to rush switches and flags endlessly so you don’t have to.

Tier 5 AKA The CTA Squires
Steady mid round picks. Good contributors.

1. RoboTech | Up 2
Sean still seems a bit rusty to me and I think putting him here on the list at this point might be a bit of a gift. If he proves me wrong, I hope he's better than this for the next month, not worse. Make me wrong in a good way, Sean.

2. Envy *NEW*
Envy has been really racking up the wins lately. He's over 60% on his "Cockroach" account right now. Although, I think a lot of that might be stategically picking the right account for certain games/maps he knows he has a good shot at winning. Envy is a responsible mid round pick.

3. Insomniac | Down 3
Inso's fall from being in the top portion of players has continued but I think this is where it stops. Inso IS a steady mid round pick. He was a bit of a pretender with his position the last few months but that is what is fun. You get lucky, play well, and you will be ranked where you deserve to be.

4. Assailant | Up 1
Assailant is just there. You tend not to notice him in games because he doesn’t take them over. It’s not a bad thing though because he’s not losing games for you either. He’s a good fragger and an asset in maps like Smear.

5. Cartman | Down 6
When Cartman first game back from being inactive he was playing very well. Partially thanks to his flukely lag he has. I think players have finally figured it out a bit and he's taken a hit pretty hard in W% and stats this past month. He's going to have to find a way to rebound. Cartman is still an asset to pick up mid round in maps where he lag can help. Clustered maps and switch maps is where he can present an advantage.

Tier 6 AKA The Jokers
Unpredictable players. Can be good players but are also prone to below average games. These are still your mid-late round picks.

1. 20LbGenitals | Up 1
I think 20LB has been playing better as of late. Maybe it's because he's been getting picked later in game lately and is ending up on better teams? Regardless, he moved back up the top of Tier 6.

2. Muahaha | Down 1
She's an asset to have in some maps but not so much in others. I've noticed she plays well in Smear/BaitOrSwitch

3. Stunna | Down 6
Stunna is like a wide receiver in the NFL. Normally they show flashes in the first 2 years that suggest they could be something special. The third year is normally the year where they break out and dominate.
Well, Stunna showed up to training camp overweight and has had his mind on his money/drugs/women. He's a complete diva that is emorsed in his prodigy life right now which is why he's so stagnant on his progression. Can't get better if you don't put the work in, Justin Blackmon.

4. Qbert *NEW*
I don't know much about Qbert but I have watched him play on a few occasions (in games where I was just spectating). I really focused on him and he's not the best fragger, he's averagae at best but I think he's an above average dodger, maybe even a "great one." I remember vividly watching a game he played in Trenches and he kept finding himself outnumbered due to postitioning issues but he was making dodging in a 1v2 look easy.
I'm intrigued to watch more of him this month.

5. Heavensgates | Up 1
Tier 1 pick for Money-Regen. He’s arguably the best Money-Regen player in this game. He's also no slouch in Hectic. He's a good defensive player when he has to focus on certain tasks. In some maps he just gets overwhelmed when there is too much going on. Gates played well this previous month. He's in my clan so I tend to keep more of an eye on him than others and I've noticed him improving slightly.

6. Masta | Down 1
Masta can have great games. He can also be nonexistent is others. If he can find a groove, he can easily move up a tier or two.

Players are usually bottom level picks or are just inactive at the moment. If you are in this portion, get your shit together because you can easily start to move up.

Shootme (Monsterjerjer)
bertrada – A tier 2+ player. Haven’t seen him in quite a bit though. If he gets active he will take his spot back instantly.
Hunter - . Unranked for now due to inactivity.
Fr33k - - Inactive at the moment.
Ranvis - - Inactive
Night - - Inactive
Oroshi - - Inactive
RZB - Inactive
Lightning - Inactive
Dario - Inactive - - Anytime he gets active he will join Tier 3 instantly.
Perfect Flame



Shocker #1 but Lauren is a god.

That stunna description. Amazing.

That bitstrip jab at fudorm's girlfriend. Well played.

A+++++ post
Great read, thanks for taking the time :>

o wat
Thanks for taking the time once again, ectogon
TIL: TBOTG is a flying penguin.
nice job on the rankings . k+
HeavensGates over Masta? I know he's inconsistent but damn!
(04-05-2014, 10:41 AM)CloudS Wrote: [ -> ]HeavensGates over Masta? I know he's inconsistent but damn!

Clouds, all you do is nitpick the rankings every month.

My advice to you is to make your own or...


[Image: 3abe485a0b38614d4a2cb71f69e0f431-1.gif]
Sadly, I'd have to agree with clouds, Masta is more solid than ranked imo. I'd even consider him a 2-3rd round pick.

On a side note. Recently playing with clouds, I feel he is ranked too high. I agree in your assessment of him. He truly is a great fragger and can deal some damage. But, he is like like the fraggers of old. Where it will make a difference. I make the comparison to akma, when he gets tired of trying on a team that won't win and worries about stats. That is how he plays all the time.

Qbert, I tihnk he will be jumping a few ranks next month. I've played this game for some time but dont ever remember his name, perhaps he went by another? However, He is very good. I would say he is in the phase of knocking his rust off and will be a tier two-three soon.

Perhaps I just play at different times, but I rarely ever see spark on anymore. He is my clanmate and I wish he was on more, as I even had the name sparkalicious named after him. But, he seems to be going into an inactive mode to be ranked.
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