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Full Version: Replay system
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I have managed to patch up the replay system so it is usable. To watch a replay:

1. Place the replay file you want to view in the .armorcritical/replays folder and name it replay.rec. If you do not have an .armorcritical folder, run the game using the current build and it will make the folder for you. Be aware that Windows hides file extensions by default; if you do not see the .rec part of the filename, then name your file replay, not replay.rec.

2. Make a game with the word "Replay" in the name. The map choice does not matter. If there is already a game with that name in the title, use that game.

3. Join the game and wait (usually 10-20 seconds) for the replay to start.

Commands in replay mode are:

/replayspeed X
Changes the playback speed. Normal speed is 1.

/replay goto H M S
Moves to a specified time in the replay (marked in Hours, Minutes, Seconds). Note that time is specified relative to the beginning of the replay, not relative to the game clock. Use this command sparingly as it is buggy and will occasionally freeze the game.

/replay at
Shows the current replay time

/replay length
Shows the total length of the replay.

/replay pause
Pauses the replay

/replay unpause
Unpauses the replay.
One more thing:

A lot of the changes I've made to the game in the past few months have changed the replay file format, so replay files older than that are unlikely to work under the current system.
Great work guys
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