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Full Version: Reschedule Requests to pv & LN
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We play both teams Thursday at 11pm and 11:59pm EST respectively. MM motions to move the games back at least 30 minutes each, or one hour preferably making the game times Friday at 12am EST and 12:59am EST (or 11:30pm and 12:29am).

The requests go hand-in-hand as one affects the other, so if it is not possible for pv or LN, then MM will accept the regularly scheduled times.

Thanks in advance.
You mean forward right? :o
I think you know what I mean with the times specified. Wink

But I think forward would mean bringing the time forward, to an earlier time, whereas pushing back, means pushing it back to a later time?
Let's just conclude that I'm an idiot. Smile
Moving it half an hour later should be ok for us, but we will confirm soon.
Bump. This is my best way to communicate if I'm not logged on AC.
pv vs. MM - Reschedule request accepted, match changed to Thursday December 4th @ 11:30 PM EST.

LN, please reply to the thread... need to work something out cuz if time stays the same pv match will cut into LN game.

Thanks, pv.

LN, if you are keen to play at 1-2am, that would work well for us as a couple of our players had scheduling hiccups come up. Offers extends to pv if a later time is better, but 11:30p will work fine.
We might be able to push it back 30 minutes as PV did, but I'd have to check with everyone first. I can say 1am-2am start times is likely not to happen. A lot of our guys have work the next day and don't want to stay up that late if avoidable.

Or, if by some chance PV is planning on being up late, LN would consider just swapping the times with them. We could play 11:30pm if PV was willing to play MM at 12:30am or later. That's an option as well to consider.
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