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Full Version: DC vs MS reschedule request
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hey, for some reason DE put this game at noon on sunday...can you play later in the day like 3m or 4 pm?
Huh? What do you mean for some reason I put this game at noon on sunday.... you sent me this schedule:

[5:23:28 PM] PM from Worker8 : our preferred times now are: tuesday 7pm to 11 pm, monday and thursday at 11:30 pm, sunday 9:30 pm or 12 pm to 2 pm

I'm assuming you meant 12am - 2am...... and wrote it wrong? :/
wow i am hella overworked i have no memory that i wrote that lol. sorry DE! let me check w/ team to see if we can make 12 pm
i could play later but no later than 3 pm.
k let's do 3 pm then?
MS please respond. I'll try to talk to them via game, for some reason they never want to look at forums....