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Full Version: LN vs DC reschedule request
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Is there any way we can move our game Tuesday night from 10:30 to 11:30?

Or if you can play before or after your game on Thursday that would work as well. I believe you have a game at 11:35 against pv. We could play before that or after that.
[12:33:23 AM] Worker8 : we'll try for 11:30 tomorrow but if dave ping don't work, we'll do it after our pv game on thurs
[12:33:25 AM] Flare has joined the room.
[12:33:27 AM] Worker8 : cuz clock doesnt have to work this thurs
[12:33:38 AM] Worker8 : sound good?
[12:33:40 AM] Predator : ok that will be good
[12:33:42 AM] Predator : yeah
[12:33:42 AM] Worker8 : k
Posting this to confirm that chat log
Rescheduled to 11:30PM EST on Tuesday December 9th.
*pending dave's ping (or if dream shows up maybe we'll elect to play anyway) otherwise we'll play around 12:15 on Thursday