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Does anyone remember when ARC/Spark used to have "SNL" (Saturday Night League) ?

I've noticed that when a lot of people are on, what predominates are CTAs. Now I know CTAs have their place, but personally I don't find them very enjoyable most of the time.

There's something to be said for 4v4 play. If you have 16 people online who want to play, then instead of having 4 games of 8v8...set up a mini tournament. If you have more than one ref, you can even run multiple games at once.

Have people sign up with their teams of 4, and play out the rounds until a winning team is crowned.

This can be done weekly, or better yet it can be done whenever people decide to host them.

I know this would require extra work, but I wish there was a way to get somewhat competitive, organized 4v4s as a more viable opportunity. Right now we have ACG, but when that ends, then what? If you want people to stick around, there needs to be some outlet for the serious player. I think CTAs are perfect for the casual player, but they don't meet the needs of the serious player.

Surely I can't be the only one who doesn't desire a more 4v4-oriented form of organized games? Post if you agree and if enough interest is expressed, maybe it is something that community leaders will consider organizing.

Some advantages of SNL-style tournament:

-it allows for the possibility of players of different skill levels playing with each other. For example, I'm sure teams/friends would still play together for the most part, but if for example Sebek or Tobiashi or Parrotman were online but the rest of CaDF was not around, they could play one of these with other players, giving them the experience of what it's like to play with the game's top players.

-it's FUN. you should even allow smurfs to sign up. there's nothing more fun than seeing if the smurf team can dethrone the tourney favorites, or if it's a bunch of good smurfs than vice versa, seeing if anyone can beat the good smurfs.

-with the new ability for anyone to spectate any game, even the teams/players who are eliminated in the first round can still watch the remainder of the tourney (probably just 1 or 2 more rounds of games anyway). this allows them to participate in the excitement of the tournament even after their own team has been eliminated, and is also part of the learning experience (they can watch how the better teams play).

-this kind of tournament format is welcoming to old players who maybe haven't played the game in years, but can come on and play a familiar 4v4 type of game that was the staple of their Spark diet for years and years before they drifted away.
Fordus, why don't you organize it? So many people come up with ideas and don't follow through. Take charge and I am sure people will help you out.
I don't have the time nor the desire to be the organizer. I barely have the time and desire to be a player. Smile

Maybe I should rephrase. The issue might be more that I don't have the desire for (and I'm not good at) public relations. I also feel that this kind of thing should be spearheaded by someone with development knowledge / a position in the game's administration. I could certainly help with the brainstorming side of things such as rules, format, structure, etc..
I think these projects should be spearheaded by active members of the community. People with development knowledge and administration positions can assist you when they see enough effort. Usually people that are in developers/administration position already have set responsibilities which many don't see (behind the scenes).
yes, I agree being an active member is another quality that's important. which is another reason why I'm not the right person for the job, as I will not be active year-round.
The problem with this is the (relative) complexity of it, honestly.

When I first became a CTA ref on Spark I used to advocate for these types of games and they did occur on a somewhat regular-basis (I too used to prefer the smaller, more competitive / strategic games over the overloaded CTA games on the hectic maps). But the problem back then was having enough willing refs and just organizing it. Team picking was a pain as we had to do it in Deatho and it was just a slow process overall; however, this was the fairest way to make semi-competitive teams.

If you do team signups, it will discourage a lot of players from playing. We have also tried this in the past, and it wasn't as successful as the team-picking method. Most people will obviously want to play with their friends, so the higher-skilled players will group together to make the favoured teams. This will dissuade lower-skilled players from signing up at all, and a good chunk of players will be left out as a result. Additionally, those without clans or friends and who just play casually won't sign up at all -- in addition to the lower-skilled players that's a decent portion of our CTA player base. Organizing free agents on such a short notice would be difficult as well, and most likely wouldn't be that fun for the participating members. It seems like ever since we transitioned to Spark people have yearned for even teams and fair games rather than playing in lopsided pubs / games and fighting against stacked teams in order to improve (as was the situation on ARC). People seem much more interested in winning, and tracked stats rather than learning from playing against better players.

However, I can see this working if it becomes a permanent thing, i.e. every Saturday at x time, but I think it would mainly cater to the competitive / serious players. I could see the same "teams" signing up every weekend: CaDF, V, MM, LN, RS, pv, and maybe two or three other random teams (TBWA, MS and friends, etc.). And with the same teams signing up every tournament, the winners and brackets would become predictable and people would slowly lose interest as time went on.

Smurfing, IMO, is irrelevant now, with the ratings system. It only mattered when captains were used to pick teams in the past. Even now, if whoever would run this used a team signup system then what name people signed up on would honestly be immaterial.

In all honesty, this game has been dropping off for a few years now (in terms of competitiveness). I don't think that having SNL-style tournaments would revitalize peoples' willingness to improve and learn. Most people who are active are people who play it casually. There's not much incentive to improve in general, let alone competition to improve against.

Why should Admins / Guides run it? Just like Niveus said, the people with the ideas should run it, or at least get the ball rolling. This game works off of the community and members need to also step up and take charge if they want to see growth.
the SNL games used to be awesome. I'd hop on for those on a weekly basis for sure
ya that would be nice.. after acg alot of the good players that have returned will leave otherwise.
I tried to run one last night but had little luck at all.

I'm thinking these definitely in most situations need to be pre-planned. Maybe we should have signups a few days in advance? I like the idea of the same time every week but I would hate like a Sunday night to exclude certain time zones.
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