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Full Version: [Playoffs] LN vs. RS
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You guys have to play 3 games. Please sort your times out. They can be back to back matches, or matches on different days. You have until January 11th 11:59PM EST to play your matches.
We're free any day 10:30pm est and later. If you guys prefer earlier times let me know.
let's get the ball rolling fellas
Uhhhhhh doesnt matter how about we start playing Thursday night at 10:30pm est?

We can go ahead and play all the games one after the other?

Or even tonight too at like 11:00pmest if yall are on we can play... We can't play any games after Thursday night. Thursday night would be the best night for us
make it closer to 2130 and we have a deal.
I'll try and get people on tonight as well to play, although I'm personally not opposed to playing 2 games (3 if need be) Thursday night. I'm not sure how you guys feel about that though. Thursday we'd probably be able to play a bit earlier than the 10:30pm time or later that you originally suggested, if that works better for you guys now. Tonight that probably won't be the case.

Communication hasn't been the best, but the last two nights we've had enough on around the 10:30pm-12 midnight time frame and RS didn't seem to have enough on.

Friday/Weekend really is not well for us though, so any effort made to complete these matches tonight/tomorrow would be best, or we will likely just forfeit.
Normally, I would let teams resched past the original date that I set the games to be played by, but it's playoffs and putting this game off, will delay future games and I don't want to delay this tournament any further. Just putting this in here just to notify that it's not an option.

If RS can confirm any of the matches that would be great, otherwise i'll try to have some refs on after 10PM tommorow.
Let's go for thursday night at 9:30pm est. Let's wrap this up tomorrow night.