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Full Version: [Playoffs] CaDF vs. LN
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You guys have to play 3 games. Please sort your times out. They can be back to back matches, or matches on different days. You have until January 18th 11:59PM EST to play your matches.
Just to kick things off:

Usually 10:30pm EST or later on weekdays is our best times. A day or two during the week we can usually do earlier than that (I'd say as early as possibly 8pm EST those days). Won't know what day(s) that would be though until probably Monday sometime. Weekends generally are not good for us.
We should be able to do 10:30 pm EST but probably only one game per day at that time. If it's earlier we can probably do 2.
Running out of time here fellas. If weekends aren't good for you we've only got three days left to pick from.
Sorry about the lack of communication lately. Not sure why now, but half the team has gone MIA and I'm just playing guess work here for the most part. I'd say tomorrow night is our best bet. I can say that we almost definitely should be able to field 3 players around 10:30-11pm. So one game I'd say for sure can happen. Although I wouldn't rule out playing earlier and playing multiple games, as there's a real chance one or two others will be available as well. Thursday's generally have been good for us as a team.

Unfortunately, nothing I'm saying is 100% because quite frankly I just don't know without hearing from half the roster. If tomorrow you guys aren't available or something, I wouldn't blame you. This is entirely LN's fault. I'll be on tomorrow night though, as will another 1 or 2 (late as I said) if you guys want to at least get one game out of the way.

Yes today is good for us, as I was expecting. We can do multiple games if you are available and are up for it.