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Full Version: A new direction for CTA
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Dear Armor Critical community,

I think the CTA model is great for the game, but I would like to see it evolve away from "everyone who is on right now plays 1 big CTA" towards the 4v4 model of play that sustained the game for 15+ years.

What I'd like to see: if 16 people are online who want to play, you run two different CTAs that are 4v4 instead of one big 8v8 one.

Now don't get me wrong, big 10v10s in smear ultimate and such can be fun, and they would still have their place, but I want to see them being the exception rather than the rule.

I also believe that many players would support me on this, as when I've expressed this before people have agreed...people recognize that large clusterfuck games might be enjoyable for the casual player, but not the serious/competitive player.

Before I start brainstorming ways to make this a reality, I want to ask if anyone actually strong opposes this idea? I would imagine that some casual players prefer the simplicity of just 1 game being hosted where they can play with everyone and also don't have to worry too much about their own skill because 1 person in a group of 20 won't make that much difference in terms of whether you win or lose.

I have a few ideas of steps that the CTA administration can take to help this game move in the right direction, but I don't want to nor do I have any expectation of anything working if there is not community support or a lot of active CTA players are against this. So, I'd like people to spread the word and take an informal poll of sorts to see what people's feelings are on this. If it looks like the majority of players agree with me, I'm going to start working on some concrete suggestions.

The only disagreement I hold with you is there is absolutely no reason to pigeonhole the games into a 4v4 model.

If you have 24 people on, sure 3 games may be attractive but I would be more in favor of having the 2 games (6v6) rather than 3 (4v4).

If you are constantly pushing 4v4 games a lot of the current enjoyable maps may be phased out and played a lot less. Maps like Stronghold/BaitorSwitch are extremely popular among the community and are pretty unplayable with such a small amount in the game.

But, I don't think anyone should or would oppose to having the idea of the pool of players being spread into multiple games at once instead of one large game.

The only consistent problem that arises when the CTA Staff tries to do things of this nature is this..

EeKuM hosts a 4v4 for Hectic
Tengo hosts a 4v4 for BFD
Venture hosts a 4v4 for Joy

You have 24 players on but 16 of them instantly join the Hectic game because they play Hectic over the other two maps.

EeKuM says sorry guys, first 8 get to play.

I then have people bitching and trolling in my game because they want to play Hectic and not Joy or BFD.

Tengo now only has 4 players in his game and the same with Venture.
You now have the 8 players in those two servers getting pissed/bored because they are waiting for EeKuM to get his game started and trying to get the extra 8 people in his game to leave and go to the other servers.

This happens and it is a pain in the dick.
I would love this being a regular thing, hunter usually does this and the server gets filled in like 20 seconds so i am sure there is enough interest for this to be implemented more often.
We do this all the time.

This model will work as it is very easy to set up, no coding needed.
I would like to see this happen, more 4v4's in competitive maps
Wish we had enough players to tier low and high. Like a 1500 cutoff or something
A few things that come to mind straight away:

More games = more refs. It can be hard enough getting 1 ref to host sometimes.

Quite a lot of players would prefer to sit out a game rather than play a map they do not like. You might start with 16/18 players, but if 3 or 4 of them don't like 1 of the maps being hosted and the other game is already full, then having them sit out might ultimately end up in the second game not being played(unless the map can cater for less than 4v4), or force the remaining players to sit around in the server for 5+ minutes waiting for other players to arrive.

It can be very difficult to accurately judge how many players are interested in playing at any one time, especially(as I stated above) when some players only make a decision after they find out what the map is.

This is something that happens already when ref's feel like the situation allows for it and it has certainly been successful most of the time. It is something that we will continue to do but we have to remember that for every serious/competitive player at the moment there is at least 1(probably more) casual player, and we have to try to cater to all.

Also I think if this were to become a more regular thing it would greatly benefit from having some sort of signup/queing process to allow refs to better assess the player pool and their interests.

Such a signup/queing process could also more easily allow for players to be split into ratings groups as well. e.g a <1500 game and a >1500 game.
You make some good points Bene. Particularly, players often drop out at the last minute, and not just because of the map. Because of this, it is a lot more convenient for both the refs and the players to simply create one game and start it with however number of willing participants there are.

If there are enough competitive players who want 4v4 though, I think we would be willing to forego participating in games in order to have a better quality (for our preference) game...hmm. Maybe CTA is perfect for the casual/all-inclusive demographic as it is now, maybe there could be an off-shoot of CTA. Like "CTA Competitive" or "CTA 4v4"....these would still use the same rules and ratings and all that fun stuff as CTA, but instead of being all-inclusive it would be aimed at competitive 4v4s.

It would be important to not let this interfere with regular CTA or people's ability to play regular, all-inclusive CTA if that's what they maybe there could be separate refs for this, as a way to ensure that regular CTA games will continue running just as frequently...simply that there's another, additional avenue for more competitive play that exists.

I also know that CTA refs have been making an effort to run more 4v4 games lately and I really appreciate it.