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Full Version: [3rd & 4th Place] LN vs. DC
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You guys have to play 3 games. Please sort your times out. They can be back to back matches, or matches on different days. You have until January 25th 11:59PM EST to play your matches.
I know that weekends are generally bad for you guys so... let's get this figured out because next week is pretty busy for us.

The only weekdays that look good for us are Monday and Thursday. Tuesday and Friday are remote possibilities, but not very likely.

In terms of actual gametime, we're flexible but would prefer 9 or 10 est.

Playing the series on Monday night would be my preference, to get it out of the way etc.
(01-16-2015, 07:56 AM)CloudS Wrote: [ -> ]Do we have to Sad
Won't be available till 10:30 or later on Monday, Thursday I'm flexible. Gotta figure out everyone elses schedule
Let us know asap then. Probably could do 10:30 and 11:30 tomorrow if that works for you guys, probably would be our best bet because otherwise if Thursday doesn't work, it's going to have to be the weekend (which I know is bad for y'all).
let's just do 7v7 on scorched earth for third place
Thursday would be the best day for us, what time can you play on Thursday?
how's 10 and 11?
Sure, 10 and 11 pm est on Thursday will work
sounds good
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