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oTaCon's new maps - oTaCon - 03-21-2015


I'll be posting to this thread when I complete a new map.

Gret -- map overview
Quote:Assassin, normal shrap distance nukes, HP regen tiles

Handle -- map overview

RE: oTaCon's new maps - oTaCon - 03-23-2015

Stroke -- map overview

RE: oTaCon's new maps - oTaCon - 03-25-2015

DropStop -- map overview
Quote:CTF / Switch

RE: oTaCon's new maps - Unreal - 03-25-2015

Ran a CTA of DropStop.. really like the map. IDK about the switches and some of the mid spawns are a bit tricky

RE: oTaCon's new maps - oTaCon - 03-25-2015

Hmm, I edited out the switches and those 3 spawns in the middle of the map. Hopefully it plays better!

The new version is DropStop.0.1 -- map overview

Thanks for the feedback =]

edit: also updated holding time settings for

RE: oTaCon's new maps - oTaCon - 03-26-2015

Surge -- map overview

Game mode: CTF

might have to mess with the spawn locations, suggestions?

RE: oTaCon's new maps - Unreal - 03-26-2015

Ran Surge game

Started off 5 v 5. Seemed pretty difficult to flag, had someone ragequit so we went to 4 v 4. At 4 v 4 it seemed doable but still the flag location and possibly that corner where the flag is needs to removed as it tucks the flag too far into the opponents base. The spawn locations entirely surround flag as well making it really difficult to get the flag out so perhaps some of those could be removed or moved.

Overall everyone enjoyed the map and said with some work could be really fun.

RE: oTaCon's new maps - oTaCon - 03-27-2015

Edited the map based on your suggestions, spawns probably need more work....

Surge.0.1 -- map overview

RE: oTaCon's new maps - Unreal - 03-27-2015

We'll give it a shot and I'll get back to you

RE: oTaCon's new maps - oTaCon - 04-01-2015

Dominate4Team -- map overview

Dominate -- map overview

Domination, 222 points to win