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CriticalMass Winners - cyro - 06-15-2015

[Image: 6652f7df6737a211aaf0805aefc2aaea.png]

Congrats to the winners & participants. Thanks to all the refs who hosted games and those who donated!!!

If you are one of the winners please PM me with the e-mail which you want your paypal earnings to be sent to.

RE: CriticalMass Winners - oTaCon - 06-15-2015

Around 100 games were played in this 48 hour tourney! Awesome job by all those who reffed: cyro, tigur, paz, venture, tengo, genocide, goobs, and cartman (i think that's everyone!)

Congrats to those "in the money"

Thanks again to cyro for organizing and to everyone who donated, reffed, and played.

RE: CriticalMass Winners - niveus - 06-15-2015

Yo can I just say thanks to everyone who helped make this tournament happen. Really appreciate the TIME and EFFORT that you guys put in. Mad props to cyro and the refs, unless you have reffed you just don't understand how frustrating it can be to ref games and especially continuously for large periods of times.

Thanks guys!

RE: CriticalMass Winners - Prophet- - 06-15-2015

I'm just curious...did this bring in ANY new players?

RE: CriticalMass Winners - cyro - 06-16-2015

Yes not a ton, but there were about 7-10 new players.

RE: CriticalMass Winners - Astrok - 06-16-2015

Thank you for organizing and hosting this, fiya!. Activity was very high and I'm hoping there is a residual uptick that lasts for a while. And I hope some of the new players enjoyed the game enough to stick around a while and pull a Helwor.

RE: CriticalMass Winners - cyro - 06-18-2015

All winners except Fud & Loki have been paid, Just have to wait for one of my account transfers to finish (paypal estimates 6/20) to send those two their prize money.

RE: CriticalMass Winners - bigdaddy - 06-19-2015

well done, seemed to be some what successful

RE: CriticalMass Winners - cyro - 06-20-2015

All winners have now been sent their prize money.

RE: CriticalMass Winners - Goobs - 06-20-2015

Thanks for setting this up Fiya, it was a lot of fun. Stinks that I had to fly out Sunday but it was great to see so much activity for a few days. Congrats to the winners.