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Stand-alone client - Odoacer - 01-13-2016

I'll just leave this here... (for 32-bit windows)

Known issues:

- The game will not launch if the client is running from a path that has a space in it (eg. C:\Users\Joe Newb\armorcritical\)
- Cannot join a game that has a number as a password
- Cannot join a game if your username is a number

When you download the client you will have to set your keybindings. The keybindings you set will be the same for each username you login to from that computer as the keybindings are saved locally.

A mac version will be posted as soon as we get it working.

RE: Stand-alone client - niveus - 01-14-2016

If you use this and find any bugs or have any problems, please write a detailed post on the bug. Screenshots and captures will make our lives easier.
We are not worried about how it looks at the moment, we will make it look pretty later. For now we want to focus on people getting into the game without effort.

RE: Stand-alone client - tengo - 01-14-2016


RE: Stand-alone client - cyro - 01-15-2016

Thanks Odo & dip.

RE: Stand-alone client - Bone - 01-16-2016

Now meek can finally play. Hallefuckinlujah.

RE: Stand-alone client - Havok - 01-16-2016

Good Job [:

RE: Stand-alone client - oTaCon - 01-17-2016

Simply amazing.

RE: Stand-alone client - bigdaddy - 01-17-2016


RE: Stand-alone client - Nuts - 01-17-2016

Good stuff now I can finally update my year out of date java and browser was the only way I could play. Good job odo, dip, and anyone else who helped.

RE: Stand-alone client - Fordus - 01-18-2016