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Armor Critical Update - niveus - 02-24-2017

Armor Critical is officially cross-platform for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

We will no longer support issues with the web client or the previous windows client.

If you have any issues, post below.

RE: Armor Critical Update - oTaCon - 02-24-2017

I know you're aware of this issue:

Windows 10, up to date.

When I try to login using the new client, the window is blank/white:

Niveus edit: Yeap the issue was to do with checking the remember me box. So for now I have removed that bug but when you login you will see the lobby connect and you will have to just click outside of the login box for it to disappear.

RE: Armor Critical Update - craig - 02-24-2017

Linux notes:
Tested on Ubuntu 16.04
Tested on Centos 7 : note: run
pkcon install libXScrnSaver
before running ./armorcritical
Tested on Fedora 24 --same note as CentOs7