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'newp' Twitch.TV - newp - 12-05-2017

Hey all, I used to roam this community years and years ago under the alias 'Noxide'.  Always refer to ARC as the first competitive game I partook in.  I now stream on Twitch, an MMORPG w/ an incredibly high skill-ceiling known as 'Darkfall: Rise of Agon'. 
I have even brought a friend or two over from the past couple of weeks, to play Armor Critical w/ me.  Good to see a lot of familiar faces, and hope you might stop by the stream once.

newp on Twitch.TV streaming Darkfall: Rise of Agon

Thank you, 

RE: 'newp' Twitch.TV - dark - 08-18-2018

Wow I played DF RoA too! Including the original DF - was in Varangian Guard and then Vamp..

What was your name on df? Add me @nuclear on Twitch
I was LN dArKnESs

RE: 'newp' Twitch.TV - newp - 12-02-2018

Hello, Noxide 'better-known-as' newp here!
Shamelessly bumping this thread in hopes of connecting w/ old friends from the platform.
Thank you!