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Deleted Post Sanctuary - Bone - 10-14-2014

Have a forum post that got deleted?

Disagree with it being deleted?

If you have answered yes to the above questions, re-post it here. All deleted posts are welcome here, where they may live on forever in peace.

I'll do the cherry poppin'.

So this is another current thread.

(10-14-2014, 06:05 AM)Assailant Wrote:  The previous thread was going off topic and I wanted to start a thread that would be more specific to what our goals are.

Everyone has ideas to improve this game. There are always ways to improve but we must focus on what our priorities are. I think everyone will agree that our main focus is to attract new players to this game. To do that, this game must be easily accessed and placed in front of the right audience.

So if the community wants to get involved and start sharing ideas, please give us insight on your experience as a gamer. What do you do when looking for a new free game to play. Where would you go, how would you get there?

A few ideas that have been tossed around is steam and advertising on reddit. I know very little about steam but I have heard mixed opinions on it from some members of this community.

Reddit is out of the question IMO because the CPM is at 0.75 which means 1000 ad impressions for 75 cents. Compare this with usual gaming ad rates of under 0.50 I think there are many cheaper alternatives where we can run more targeted ads on communities and networks that are somewhat related to our game.

Here are some of my thoughts to give an example what we should be looking for moving forward:

- What obstacles remain in the way for new players? How easy is it for a new person to try this game? I would like to see a simple URL where you are put right into a game, no guest name, just straight into a game. If they want a real name give them an incentive to sign up as a regular player.

- Where have we had success before? A directory I submitted us to is how Helwor found us. We can invest on that directory to have more exposure. The owner wanted to do an affiliate type deal where he would get paid per lead he generated for us. So maybe some kind of affiliate program?

- Reach out to free online game websites. Rather than pay for ads, you can directly approach an owner of a game community and pay them a flat rate to run an ad. They would get paid more and this would be cheaper since we would be cutting out the middle man (ad agency network).

- Social sharing features. Logging in with facebook, twitter can be beneficial in having the current and new members spread the word. All you need is one share from the right person to really garner attention.

New features are cool. But new players are not going to care about a faster way to organize a CTA. They will not care about a more convenient way to communicate with clan members. We want to introduce people to our great game. This is a fun game and its fine the way it is.

I think our approach needs to be how we can introduce this game to new players and make it as easy as possible to get them in a game and blowing stuff up.

Now all I did was respond with this:

(10-14-2014, 06:05 AM)Assailant Wrote:  The previous thread was going off topic and I wanted to start a thread that would be more specific to what our goals are.

You were the one that derailed the previous thread bitchboy.

(10-12-2014, 04:06 AM)Assailant Wrote:  As for these suggestions...we have been through them countless times over and over and over. We will not get the magic suggestion here that will make this game magically populated with newbs. Trust me I know.

That's a quote from your own post in the other thread. Go back to Disneyworld plz and ty.

So this warranted a deletion of my post. I assume because it was off topic. As was Assailant in the other thread. He's allowed to do so though apparently.

RE: Deleted Post Sanctuary - benevolence - 10-14-2014

It's great to see clans like TBWA being proactive in their pursuits to try to help the community. If you send me your address Bone I will send you a sticker.

RE: Deleted Post Sanctuary - Bone - 10-14-2014

TBWA preaches freedom of speech. Rage against the machine.

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RE: Deleted Post Sanctuary - Bone - 10-14-2014

Don't mistake my posts for anything TBWA-related either. Let's be honest. The forum section says TBWA. That really means nothing though. There aren't any TBWAs in here besides me. It's a simple attempt to speak freely (hopefully) without someone deleting every little thing their offended by. Which, let's be frank, there is FAR WORSE out there than the post mentioned above that was deleted. Not to mention, what I said holds merit and was 100% true.

Secondly, I haven't taken any actions or made any mention of being "proactive towards the pursuit of helping this community." Not lately anyways. When an owner himself can be a complete jackass and not follow through on any of his claims, come back after being MIA and make a mockery of real peoples hard work with his dipshit posts in that Updates/$1k thread, and alienate an individual like dip in the process, then he's open game as far as I'm concerned. I did nothing he hasn't done recently. What warrants what I say delete-worthy as opposed to him or any staff member if that were the case?

Armor Critical is simply a means to communicate with the handful of individuals I like around here. They know who they are. I have no desire to play nor do I care what direction arc goes in now. It's people like Assailant and the blind eye people take towards such gross behavior that turn individuals off to this game. I haven't played in a while, not that it matters. One individual doesn't make or break the game. As long as I'm here though, if some shit for brains acts like a shit for brains, I'll likely have some sort of comment back accordingly. That's who I am. If that is a problem, feel free to ban me from the forums or armor critical entirely. That would be rather unjust in comparison to other shit that goes on, but would be par for the course with what actually goes on around here.

RE: Deleted Post Sanctuary - cyro - 10-14-2014

You can post whatever you want in the TBWA forum. I will ensure no threads are deleted unless it was something illegal that I didn't want on my web server. I will talk to the staff too see why they were deleted since I did not see them.

RE: Deleted Post Sanctuary - Bone - 10-14-2014

Really, I'm not that concerned by it fiya. This thread itself is me being a smart-ass. Not to say it isn't serious at the same time. Assailant I'm sure deleted what I posted because he attempted to make a serious thread, and I was the first to respond and did so in a purposely negative way towards him. He derailed a previous thread, and thus I didn't see an issue with what I was doing. I also attempted to make a serious thread regarding CTA awhile back, and Lunu completely derailed that and was allowed to do so until I myself had to ask that the thread be locked. Ironically, that thread was UNLOCKED after despite my request. I'm losing the forum wars obviously. Lack of power combined with actual intelligence. Damn it all to hell.

RE: Deleted Post Sanctuary - benevolence - 10-15-2014

Wait.. Who deleted my post?

RE: Deleted Post Sanctuary - tengo - 10-15-2014

RE: Deleted Post Sanctuary - Bone - 11-03-2014

You will find sanctuary from persecution here, despite the fact you are a complete dipshit.

RE: Deleted Post Sanctuary - Bone - 11-03-2014

You can let it slide through each and every orifice per usual.