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Lobby Chat won't load - spliff - 01-21-2015

Hey, so when I log onto the Armor Critical webpage, it seems like it's connecting fine using my username & password. The maps seem like they might loading a little slow, but they eventually show up, and work. I can join maps and play games fine, but the bottom part of the screen where the chat used to be isn't loading. It reads "Connecting..." above the "Name" & "Clan" titles.

I tried to mess around in settings, but that all seems to be about gameplay. Launch mode and stuff didn't change anything with the chat not showing up.
I am currently using FireFox 35.0. I also tried using Internet Explorer 11 with no luck either.

Is it possible that I am banned from the Lobby, but not from playing???

I am on a very good computer running windows 8.1.

Thanks in advance.

RE: Lobby Chat won't load - spliff - 01-21-2015

OK, so I finally got into the chat tonight. But like after 10 minutes of reloading.

I had to change my "Launch Mode" in the settings, save, than refresh the webpage. Over, and over again until the chat showed up.
And this only worked on Internet Explorer, I still can't load the chat under FireFox...

I also made sure that my Java was up to date, and it is now.

I don't want to have to do this every time I want to log onto "Armour Critical" (do people call it that now, or are we sticking with ARC?). So if anyone has any ideas, they would be appreciated.


RE: Lobby Chat won't load - Odoacer - 01-21-2015

Launch mode would not prevent the chat from loading. It has to be something else. My guess is firewall/antivirus related.

RE: Lobby Chat won't load - spliff - 02-28-2015

So I still have this problem. I just have to keep reloading the webpage until the chat loads. Sometimes it takes 3 tries, sometimes 15 tries. It's pretty annoying.

How can I figure out whether it's firewall or antivirus related?? I don't want to turn my antivirus off..


RE: Lobby Chat won't load - Nuts - 02-28-2015

You only need to turn it off for a few mins to test if its the cause or not. Have you tried chrome? The game never has worked on IE for me and I used to play on firefox but that also no longer works. Chrome is the only one still functional for me.

RE: Lobby Chat won't load - Unreal - 03-02-2015

lol @ antivirus

RE: Lobby Chat won't load - spliff - 03-19-2015

So I also tried Chrome now, and the same thing happens.

I turned off my anti-virus (which is Avast), and that works!
So I added the webpage "" &"" to my exclusions on Avast. It didn't seem to do anything. So I just reload the webpage a bunch of times until it works every time I play.
I don't want to have to switch my antivirus to a different program just for this? What should I do??

ALSO, I can't see incoming or outgoing PM's on my user name spliff.
But when I log on to a different username, my PMs work. How did that happen??? I don't want to have to change names. Help?


RE: Lobby Chat won't load - spliff - 04-13-2015

Hey! So probably not like anybody cares, but the lobby now loads first time, every time! Wicked!

Also, I can now see received and sent PM's!

I didn't change anything. Everything all the sudden started working on its own. So I don't know if the admins or programmers fixed anything, or just some weird bug that worked itself out. But just a heads up if you guys did do anything. My shit is fixed.